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December 2016

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Get your peace on in Rishikesh!

For me Rishikesh has always meant two things:  The Beatles &  Peace! And what a great combination it is. Which is why I return to Rishikesh time & again to be rejuvenated.

If you have never been to Rishikesh, it’s a humble hill-station in Uttarakhand, India. To reach there, one can easily drive from Delhi. The drive will take around 6-7 hours; however the route is beautiful so it makes for a great road trip. Another way to reach is by train to Haridwar & then an hour drive to Rishikesh. It’s best to visit here from October- February, as in summers it gets hot.

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Food & Drinks Trending Posts

Off-beat place to eat in Saket? Locale to the rescue!



The perfect Delhi winter is short-lived. Enjoy it while it lasts on a Friday evening at the Outdoor seating at Locale. Not only does it have a great view, but the ambience is just perfect. With lots of greenery, great music & quirky posters up on the walls. One can sit here for hours as the sun sets, with a glass of Margherita in hand.



At Saket, near PVR Anupam.

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