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September 2017

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Best Durga Pujo Pandals in Gurgaon!

The festival of celebration is here & all the streets seem to be lit up with beautiful lights & decorative Pandals. This is the season when all the Bengalis get decked up & sing praises of Durga Maa. The beautiful idols are carefully made by celebrated artists & sculptures. Every Pandal has its own theme & we bring you the Best Pandals in Gurgaon:

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11 Best Tourist Attractions in Dubai

Want to know some of the Best Tourist Attractions in Dubai? Dubai’s getting ready to unveil one spectacular landmark after another; Ain Dubai is almost ready, as is the Dubai Frame and the Dubai Canal will follow next. Is it any wonder that tourists are agog with anticipation, lining up to explore the city of magnificent man made marvels?

Dubai’s glamor, its vibrancy and adventurous vibe call out to travelers from every part of the world. Dubai’s charm is an intriguing juxtaposition of historical attractions, the ancient desert and the uber-glamorous contemporary glories.

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Meet Genies In This Haunted Fort In Delhi!

The moisture filled the air without suffocating the “worshippers” of jinns. Hundreds of them were crowded in the cave, where the only source of light was the candles on the bed of roses and aggarbatti’s. Despite the chaos, a sense of peace prevailed in the atmosphere so much so that the eerie darkness was almost pacifying to the soul. This is where the Djinns are found in Delhi!

One would believe that this scenario might be somewhere in a small town or a shanty village, this could never be in the capital of the country, right in the midst of the hustle-bustle of Delhi. 

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Manali Photo Diary

Manali is paradise-like when you leave Delhi which is scorching hot! The snow-capped Himalayas, the fresh breeze & slow life; Manali is always the perfect getaway.

Here are a few photos from our trip

We had three brief days to explore the city (again). Here’s me trekking to the waterfall, & I saw a Himalayan dog 🙂

In our second cottage, which was a little far away from the city in a village called Prini. It was blissful here, surrounded by just mountains & no tourists. A much needed alone time! More photo diaries of Paris here: http://ourvagabondstories.com/paris-photo-diary/

A clear sky day after it was raining the entire night & there was n electricity the entire night! A candlelit dinner was nice though 🙂


These cute Angora rabbits!! Cutest rabbits I have ever seen & also the softest to hold!

Hands down THE BEST Fruit Crumble We have EVER had!!! Freshly baked from the outside & warm squishy full of fruits on the inside, served Vanilla ice-cream at Fat Plates Cafe, Manali.


This view!!

Wouldn’t you love to live in this cottage in the hills?! I would!



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Work Out of These Super Cool Cafes in Delhi, Virtually For Free!

As bloggers & entrepreneurs we are always on the move & looking for chilled out places to work out of. I just found the most perfect co-working spaces ever. MyHQ is a new entrant & they have partnered with many cafes across Delhi/NCR where you can work out of their cafes & pay virtually no free. For one day, you pay only Rs 299 & out of that Rs 200 is usable for food! Yes!! Unbelievable, no?

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