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One Step To Edit Pictures Like A Pro Instagrammer!

These days creating amazing photos is getting easier. With stunning camera quality in our phones and portable devices, almost everyone has the capacity to click amazing photos. But, the one thing that distinguishes pro bloggers and instagrammers is picture editing. Which we where presets come into play.

You might have noticed that I recently changed my Instagram theme to a warmer golden one, where browns and teals are more pronounced. Having a cohesive Instagram theme is essential these days to make your feed look professional.

But, why do you do that?

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Blogging Tips

Instagram Expert tips from 10 successful Instagrammers (With 100k followers!)

We have all been there. Tired of the new Instagram algorithm and struggling with the follower count. Just like you, I have struggled with Instagram for months. I tried using hashtags, using captivating captions, improving my photography skills. But still, my follower count crept up at a snail’s pace. Not until I knew of some of these Instagram expert tip used by top Instagrammers which grew their account from 0 to 153K! 

Below are the only tips you need to master Instagram. Why do I say that?

They have been used by the best of the best. From Swedish Nomad to Nomadic Boys, here’s a tell-all of how they grew their Instagram accounts to become one of the Top Travel Instagram influencers in the world.

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How to Become a Travel Blogger

travel blogger in India

This is a question that many people have asked me, is How To Become A travel blogger in India- and I wish I had written this post sooner.  However, I have to admit that I’m still learning and evolving. But whatever knowledge I have gained the past year, I will be sharing all that with you in this post.

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How To Save Money For Travel

Travelling is possibly the best form of therapy there is. But unfortunately, it’s also a demanding on the pocket. Here are some ways to save money for travel. If this is what is keeping you from exploring the world, read on for some creative (and easy!) ways to save money for travel.

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How To Pack A Suitcase Under 30 Minutes!


Ever come back from work, exhausted over the week’s work? Ever wanted to just leave the city for the weekend, and escape on an unplanned getaway? For all those who cannot figure out how to compress the long hours spent packing,  for an impromptu vacay, read on. No more packing jitters. Here’s how you can pack a suitcase in under 30 minutes!

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5 countries that you must explore during your next European vacation

We have all heard enough about travelling and backpacking across Europe, however with so many countries to choose from and almost always limited time; it can be a daunting task to zero in on the best European countries to explore during your next European budget holiday. We list down  5  European countries that you must explore on your next trip: Continue Reading

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Tips For A Long Train Ride, That You May Not Know

If you do not live in an area where long train rides are a fact of life, you may not know exactly how to handle yourself when you are on one. No worries, we are going to fill you in on some ›important tips that will help you (and those around you) feel more comfortable.

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