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Visiting Carlsbad? 4 Things to Have in Mind Before Booking Your Accommodation


Travelling is often the most fun a family can have away from home, yet it can also be a stressful experience if the right accommodations are not obtained. Families don’t have to spend a lot of money to get a lot of value when booking a hotel for a getaway.

When searching for places to stay in Carlsbad, CA, there are a number of items you want to include in your hotel criteria. Here are 4 things to keep in mind when booking your accommodations. 


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Asian Korean Steamboat & BBQ BUFFET at Seoul Garden in Malaysia

You might have found yourself in situations where you pay huge amounts of money for a nice and wholesome dinner for your family but you end up disappointed. It happens so often that the quality of food is not up to the mark or falls way below our expectation levels. Perhaps this has something to do with the popularity of Seoul Garden. They are always committed to ensuring the highest quality of food and maintain the standards when it comes to taste. The ingredients used are all high quality and the taste is always the same. No matter which day of the week you visit, you will find food at Seoul Garden just as lip-smacking as it’s on any other day.

Seoul Garden Buffet

Seoul Garden is a well established and hugely popular brand of restaurants. It primarily serves the Asian Korean style buffet and steamboat BBQ. The food at Seoul Garden is so amazing that your stomach will always compel you to keep coming back for more. This is a brand that is also high on innovation. Seoul Garden uses smokeless grills which are really appreciated by its customers. Before we discuss their menu items let us inform you that you can even order their food right at your home by FoodPanda Malaysia delivery service. Seoul Garden delivery is always on time and the food is hot and freshly prepared.


Another point that goes in the favour of Seoul Garden is the fact that it is simply affordable. Anyone can afford to eat at Seoul Garden. It’s not just for the elites but for everyone who wants to have good and high-quality food. You will be surprised that they even give away a cake worth RM30 for free if you visit on your birthday. But you need to make a reservation for these seven days in advance. All you have to do is call them up and make a reservation and tell them that it’s your birthday and they will offer you a delicious cake for free.

People just love their marinated meats. They offer a lot of variety when it comes to marinated meat. You can have beef, chicken, lamb, pork, fish and a few more options. The meat is well marinated and the flavors are really dominant. They also offer the same kind of meat in different marinated flavors. You can have your beef in Teriyaki, coffee, curry, Satay sauce, and Bulgogi flavors.


Since it serves the Korean style of buffet and steamboat BBQ, you can be sure that there will be a lot of seafood and you won’t be disappointed by the variety of seafood on offer. Whether it’s prawns, bamboo clams, cockles or mussels, you will find almost ever-popular seafood item on the menu. Again the taste is simply awesome. There is simply no match for Seoul Garden when it comes to the variety and taste.


Meat and seafood cannot be properly discussed without the mention of sauce. We have dined at various restaurants and found that not everyone is paying due attention to their sauces. This is not the case with the Seoul Garden. You will find an assortment of different sauces to try. Our personal favorite is the SG Korean Sauce. We found its thickness and taste just perfect for dipping the meat and seafood. It wraps around the seafood nicely and enhances the flavors. You can also try their Thai Garlic Chilli Sauce and Seafood Soya Sauce. Another popular sauce is the Chicken Rice Sauce. It tastes perfect when consumed with chicken-based dishes.

So what are you waiting for, pick up your phone and order your buffet from Seoul Garden today!!!

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Things To Do In Sabah, Malaysia


Borneo is the largest island in Asia and the third largest in the world. The island is divided between the countries of Malaysia, Brunei and Indonesia. The southern part of the island is a part of Indonesia, whereas Brunei takes up a small section in the northern part of the island with the majority belonging to Malaysia. In the Malaysia side of Borneo is a hidden gem of a region, Sabah. There are lots of things to do in Sabah, such as trekking, canoeing, rafting, exploring Rafflesia and more.   Continue Reading


Top-Rated Tourist Attractions in Dublin

Dublin is Ireland’s capital and largest city, offering an endless number of museums, attractions, amazing food dishes and entertainment options. Since it adorns the east coast of Ireland, day trips and excursions to the mountains or cliff sides, where you can witness some of the vastest and beautiful sceneries in all of Ireland, are also something you’d want to see and believe or not they are just a taxi or bus ride away.

If you want to book a taxi in advance or reserve an airport transfer to Dublin, we’d recommend You can reserve a taxi using their mobile app or their website or what we like the most about them is that you can also book a taxi via their website chat system. All you need is a good wi-fi connection and you are good to go.

And once you’ve sorted that out, it’s time to dive in and read on our top places to visit in the Irish capital.

St. Patrick’s Cathedral – the most sought-after attraction in Dublin

One of the most scenic spots to visit also happens to be a highly rated monument in Dublin. The stained colorful glass is the first and the most notable thing at the cathedral that would get your attention. If you want to get inside the cathedral you will have to buy a ticket.

You can escape the queue by just taking a walk around the periphery and attending the mass that goes on throughout the week. The fact that St. Patrick’s is the tallest and the largest church in all Ireland puts it atop the list of must-visit places in Ireland.

What else you can see while visiting St. Patrick’s Cathedral: The burial site of Jonathan Swift – the literary great and one of the deans of the cathedral in the early 18th century.

The Little Museum of Dublin

A must-see for those interested in how Dublin and its people lived their lives and evolved over the past century. James Joyce once famously said, ‘in the particular is contained the universal,’ which neatly sums up the ethos of this treasure trove. In the minutiae of people’s belongings, history is indeed writ large. Opened in 2011 following an appeal for mementoes and artefacts, the museum has gone from strength to strength and now hosts an array of temporary exhibitions and events as well as permanent installations, including a U2 retrospective with exhibits donated by band members.

Other treats include The lectern used by John F. Kennedy when he addressed both houses of the Irish Parliament (Oireachtas) in June 1963.

Phoenix Park and Dublin Zoo

The Phoenix Park is the largest enclosed urban park in Europe, some 1,750 acres, which is surprising given that Dublin is a relatively small capital city. Hundreds of deer roam the parkland, the President of Ireland’s official residence (Áras an Uachtaráin) is here along with Deerfield, a beautiful 18th-century property home to the American Ambassador to Ireland.

For those wishing to find out more about the park and its environs, there’s a Visitors Centre located close to a 17th-century tower house, Ashtown Castle.  At the far Castleknock Gate end and on some 78 acres stands stately Farmleigh House dating from the 1800s and purchased by the Irish state from the Guinness family in 1999.

For generations of Dubliners and those coming from abroad, the main draw is Dublin Zoo, which attracts more than one million visitors annually, dates back to 1830, and is the second oldest zoo in Europe. A trip to the zoo is a day out in itself.

Amongst other rare and exotic animals there are: Asian lions, Asian elephants, a Reptile House, an orangutan enclosure, sea lions, tigers, hippos, bats, and penguins. Facilities also include restaurants, kids play areas, and a family farm.

And last, but not least – Have fun like the Irish at Temple Bar

The Temple Bar is quite possibly one of the most iconic bars in all of Dublin, with tourists flocking from all over the world to have a drink inside its famous walls. Although the history of the bar dates back to the early 1300s, it still remains popular to this day due to its famous red exterior, the great location in the heart of the city, as well as being a huge part of Dublin’s central nightlife scene.

At present, The Temple Bar is the most popular bar frequented by young tourists – and even some locals alike – looking to have a glass (or two, or three) of strong Irish whiskey and enjoy a hell of a night.


Benefits of Vitamin E for Frequent Travelers

As a travel blogger, days can get very hectic: 15 hour days coupled with a choc-a-bloc itinerary, we are always on the lookout for healthy supplements that can improve our overall health. Erratic sleeping and food eating patterns are always an issue for us, hence relying on protein bars is not always a healthy option. We were researching some vitamins to keep with us while travelling when we chanced upon..drumroll…Vitamin E.

Vitamin E

If you’re a skin-care enthusiast or fanatic, you must have read about the many benefits of Vitamin E for the skin. It decreases roughness, reduces wrinkles and keeps your skin firm and free from dark spots. This makes it the top vitamin for frequent travellers.

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Looking For A Christmas Gift? Nothing better than a Personalised Calendar!

‘Tis the season of giving and love. At such a time I wanted to gift Harry something personal which he would love. I searched and searched – till i stumbled upon Photojaanic. They are a truly unique company which makes amazing personalised photo desk calendar online.  


Without wasting time, I searched for our travel photos and customized the calendar and was very happy with the results! Each month had a special moment and memory.


How To Make A Customised Calendar

It’s super easy. Just pick some of your best photos that are in good resolution. Go to and click on the type of calendar you want. It will redirect you to an online editor, where you can upload the type of photos you want for each month. After making sure that the design is perfect- just go ahead and order. It’s as simple as that.

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The Perfect Christmas Gift

If your friend or SO also loves customised gifts- then Photojaanic is perfect. Not only do they have personalised calendars, they have personalised fridge magnets, photo prints, mounted prints, cards, premium albums and more!

Just choose a perfect memory of you both, and make a personalised photo print out of that. It’s perfect to frame, keep it on the table as a frame or just hang it on the wall to remind you of the good times you had!