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20 Reasons To Travel Full Time

“If traveling was free, you would never see me again.”

Here are 20 reasons to travel full time. While traveling, isn’t, unfortunately, free, there’s just something about leaving the comfort of your home, discovering new places, cultures and people that make us feel more alive than ever. After marriage we decided to travel to as many places as we can together. Till date we have travelled to almost 7-8 cities and three countries in our 6 month marriage. The experiences we gained are priceless. If the idea of traveling gets your heart racing, ready to explore and learn new things, here’s twenty reasons why you should consider traveling full time! 

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This Gurgaon Cafe Will Make You Feel Like You’re In The Hills!

Gurgaon is known for its corporate culture and its appealing nightlife and uncountable bars! (Here’s the best budget bar). However, if one’s weekend plans are all about dining at posh restaurants or returning home late from an electrifying clubbing experience, it is surely to get mundane after a certain point of time. Every now and then, one should try something new, after-all, whoever said ‘change is the only constant’, said it right! This Gurgaon Cafe Roots, is perfect for such occasions!

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People Called Shillong Review – curated by Nisha Nair Gupta

This wonderfully written book is an amalgamation of 15 viewpoints/ writers who love Shillong. This book gets into “What makes the city tick?” What makes it breathe. People called Shillong, as the name suggests rightly talks about the hospitable & kind people of Shillong. This books intends to capture the varied beliefs, aspirations, routines, angst of the people of Shillong. The writers of this book offer varied types of engagement with Shillong, because of their varied sense of writing style & perspectives. But, these voices come together to form a story about the city that is coherent still.

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