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Want naturally glowing skin? Opt for Greenberry Organic’s!

As the brand name suggests, their products are devoid of any harmful chemicals & made from only Organic ingredients! The product that i used was the Greenery Organics Mud Ash 3 in 1 Face Care. Not only were there visible results after just one day, but this product can be used in three ways! As a cleanser, scrubber & Mask. This is the one product that will solve all your face problems!

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My own beauty box every month! You can have it too…read on.

So so excited to receive my April Beauty Box from My Envy Box. They just never fail to surprise or delight! #WorkHardGlamHard

Lowdown to My Envy Box

My Envy Box is a subscription based beauty box that delivers amazing beauty products in a cute box to you every month! The brands include BBlunt, benefit, Clarins, Clinique & many more Indian & international brands! What’re more, they have fantastic offers starting from just Rs 850! Subscribe now:

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Host your Travel Experience with Xoxoday

Have you been a resident of a city for quite some time now & are an expert on showing new places to your relatives? We are looking for people like you!

You are perfect to host a Travel Experience with XoXoday. Anyone across the world can host an experience from Glancing Stars Underwater at Andaman to A Stay in the holly forests of Kochi

The experiences that the world can offer are limitless & you can host those! Imagine meeting new people & taking them along a ride to do your favourite activities. Sounds wonderful, doesn’t it?

Xoxoday is made for people like you. Know more here: . Xoxoday is “For the People & By the people”

How to Be A Host

The number of hosts has increased over time & so has the number of bookings. Experience an adventure of a lifetime with Xoxo Day! We won’t disappoint.  

XoxoDay lets Hosts determine the prices of the experiences themselves, depending on the number & type of activities included in that particular experience. Xoxoday only charges a commission on every booking.

In order to Host an awesome experience at Xoxoday, there are some things to keep in mind. The host should post real pictures of the experience so that the guests know what they are going to experience, people love to get a feel through pictures before the experience itself. You must also give a nice description of what exactly you’re going to offer, include what’s included & what’s not. Also keep in mind, that Customer Reviews will drive your Experiences. The more good reviews that you get, the more popular your experience will get as well. Hence, always strive to give a perfect experience as a Host of Xoxoday!

Every time a guest books an experience, he’s asked to rate the experience after he’s done, this ensures that there’s transparency & there’s an honest feedback about the Host and the experience.

So, what are you waiting for? From Underwater photography, to a Salsa Dance Experience; expand your passions, earn money & meet new people with Xoxoday!  Check out their site now:

Travel Tips

Tips For the Perfect Travel Insurance Plan

So you’re all set for that big vacation you have been planning for months. Flight tickets? Check!

Hotel bookings? Check! Travel Insurance? That’s where a traveller starts thinking if he really needs one. You most certainly do! Travel insurance will help to provide you with medical coverage when you’re sick, reimburse you with you broken camera equipment or if something is stolen; or any other sudden emergency in a foreign country that might leave you high & dry. It has helped many when they have been faced with such gruesome & sudden situations when traveling.

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Road Trips


“Wind in our hair, we feel a part of everywhere” – Eddie Vedder

We love road trips! The long winding roads, our Road Trip playlist ( mostly Classic Rock & pop), the bag of junk foods & booze strewn over the back seat; what’s not to love?

But since he’s the only one who can drive, I admit I enjoy a tad bit more 😛 Staring out the window, talking about our days, our fears, the drive, the destination. Road trip conversations are something else. Nothing can replace them.

And for once, the journey is more enjoyable than the destination. It really doesn’t matter where we are going, as long as we have the wind in our hair, each other’s company & our favourite food to munch on. 😛 😀


That forgotten suitcase

Full open suitcase on tropical beach background

Full open suitcase on tropical beach background

Remember that endless argument you had with yourself, the last time you woke up in an unknown place? The last time you travelled, to the hills maybe. Thinking what is the point of all this?

Deadlines, Suit & Tie, catching the last metro, booking that last minute Uber to get to work on time.  A little money in your pocket at the end of the month for those branded jeans, that dream-car on loan. On weekends, you realise you have forgotten who you are apart from work. What do you do for fun apart from hanging out with your college friends at that neighbourhood bar for some drinks? Continue Reading



Have you ever met a person who just cribs? All the words falling out of his mouth are a string of black venom. Then, surprisingly you find yourself partaking in that process. You go on & on about how the world is cruel, people are bad, roads are winding and on & on & on. At the end of it feeling morose, grey & negative.

On the hand, there are souls who have an aura of positivity around them. When they smile, it’s from their heart; when they talk its real; when they ask how are you, it’s out of genuine concern.  Admittedly, the second kind are hard to find. But when you do, hold on to them. Hold on to their sunshine, hold on to their happiness; and bask in some of that sunshine.

Everything we do in life is to feel happy, if we can surround ourselves with positive, amazing people that’s half of the job done. So take out the trash, the bad words, the people who pull you down, people who say nothing but worthless things. Surround yourself with greatness, happiness.


Love for food & travel united us!!

Our first date was at a6359473081166498681445258482_coffeeeee humble Barista. It was then I realised at an instant that this is the man who I want to be with. Not because he shared my love for coffee (or pretended, as I came to know later) 😉 As we talked over hot, freshly brewed coffees; I never imagined I will be writing about this 7 years later.

Since then, we have gone to plenty of dates & places. We realised we share a mutual love for good food & travel. Our regular check-ins on Facebook made our friends suggest us to start a blog. Here we are!

Currently we are residing in Delhi, we plan to travel to many countries next year. But as of now, Delhi/ NCR’s food & hangout places will be reviewed by us. We will tell you which places, dishes, drinks to dive into on your next weekend outing; and which ones to avoid! We would love for you to join our journey as we indulge in one great or not-so-great dish after another.

See you later as we get back to that unfinished Nutella Cream Cheese Cake. ( it’s worth trying!)

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