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Coming in Prepared: 6 Essentials to Bring With You on a Hiking Trip

Hiking is the simplest, most elemental way to experience the greatness and beauty of the outdoors. Whether for a quick lunchtime trip or a daylong march, hikers always do well to come prepared. Fortunately, suppliers like the one online at make it easy to acquire everything required for any hike. Bring the following six essentials with you when you hike, and you will be prepared for just about anything.


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How To Get Cheapest Last-Minute Flight Deals

We have all been there – booking last minute flights for an impromptu holiday or an emergency. But that doesn’t mean we have to pay a bomb to book those flights. Believe it or not, there’s a way to book last minute good flight deals. How? Read on:

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Guide To Goa: Things You Must Know Before Visiting Goa!

We don’t need to sell you the Goa holiday. The exquisite beaches, azure sea and hippie culture has already made Goa a very happening tourist place. Many tourists not only from India, but Russia as well come here. Known as the “party capital” of India, Goa has always been one of the most visited tourist destinations in the country. Here are the best things to do in Goa: 

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How to Become a Travel Blogger

travel blogger in India

This is a question that many people have asked me, is How To Become A travel blogger in India- and I wish I had written this post sooner.  However, I have to admit that I’m still learning and evolving. But whatever knowledge I have gained the past year, I will be sharing all that with you in this post.

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A Girl’s Guide To Traveling Solo In India

traveling solo in India

Quoting Saint Augustine, “The world is a book, and those who do not travel read only a page”. However, in the world we live in, for a girl traveling solo in India (or anywhere else!), there’s need for extra precaution. 

India being a travellers dream, is a tourist hotspot. However, many are wary of travelling to the country, owing to the unsafe tag that India has. But worry not, here’s a girl’s guide to traveling solo in India!

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How To Save Money For Travel

Travelling is possibly the best form of therapy there is. But unfortunately, it’s also a demanding on the pocket. Here are some ways to save money for travel. If this is what is keeping you from exploring the world, read on for some creative (and easy!) ways to save money for travel.

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20 Reasons To Travel Full Time

“If traveling was free, you would never see me again.”

Here are 20 reasons to travel full time. While traveling, isn’t, unfortunately, free, there’s just something about leaving the comfort of your home, discovering new places, cultures and people that make us feel more alive than ever. After marriage we decided to travel to as many places as we can together. Till date we have travelled to almost 7-8 cities and three countries in our 6 month marriage. The experiences we gained are priceless. If the idea of traveling gets your heart racing, ready to explore and learn new things, here’s twenty reasons why you should consider traveling full time! 

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How To Pack A Suitcase Under 30 Minutes!


Ever come back from work, exhausted over the week’s work? Ever wanted to just leave the city for the weekend, and escape on an unplanned getaway? For all those who cannot figure out how to compress the long hours spent packing,  for an impromptu vacay, read on. No more packing jitters. Here’s how you can pack a suitcase in under 30 minutes!

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Host your Travel Experience with Xoxoday

Have you been a resident of a city for quite some time now & are an expert on showing new places to your relatives? We are looking for people like you!

You are perfect to host a Travel Experience with XoXoday. Anyone across the world can host an experience from Glancing Stars Underwater at Andaman to A Stay in the holly forests of Kochi

The experiences that the world can offer are limitless & you can host those! Imagine meeting new people & taking them along a ride to do your favourite activities. Sounds wonderful, doesn’t it?

Xoxoday is made for people like you. Know more here: . Xoxoday is “For the People & By the people”

How to Be A Host

The number of hosts has increased over time & so has the number of bookings. Experience an adventure of a lifetime with Xoxo Day! We won’t disappoint.  

XoxoDay lets Hosts determine the prices of the experiences themselves, depending on the number & type of activities included in that particular experience. Xoxoday only charges a commission on every booking.

In order to Host an awesome experience at Xoxoday, there are some things to keep in mind. The host should post real pictures of the experience so that the guests know what they are going to experience, people love to get a feel through pictures before the experience itself. You must also give a nice description of what exactly you’re going to offer, include what’s included & what’s not. Also keep in mind, that Customer Reviews will drive your Experiences. The more good reviews that you get, the more popular your experience will get as well. Hence, always strive to give a perfect experience as a Host of Xoxoday!

Every time a guest books an experience, he’s asked to rate the experience after he’s done, this ensures that there’s transparency & there’s an honest feedback about the Host and the experience.

So, what are you waiting for? From Underwater photography, to a Salsa Dance Experience; expand your passions, earn money & meet new people with Xoxoday!  Check out their site now: