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Indulge in Special Navratri Meals At These Delhi Restaurants

Navratras are here and it’s time for those Sabudana Cutlets & delicious halwas! Even though there are so many restrictions including meat & alcohol, you can still go out & have a nice meal. It’s tough to make food that are only catered to the Navratri time, which is why we are bringing you the best Navratri meals.

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Manali Photo Diary

Manali is paradise-like when you leave Delhi which is scorching hot! The snow-capped Himalayas, the fresh breeze & slow life; Manali is always the perfect getaway.

Here are a few photos from our trip

We had three brief days to explore the city (again). Here’s me trekking to the waterfall, & I saw a Himalayan dog 🙂

In our second cottage, which was a little far away from the city in a village called Prini. It was blissful here, surrounded by just mountains & no tourists. A much needed alone time! More photo diaries of Paris here:

A clear sky day after it was raining the entire night & there was n electricity the entire night! A candlelit dinner was nice though 🙂


These cute Angora rabbits!! Cutest rabbits I have ever seen & also the softest to hold!

Hands down THE BEST Fruit Crumble We have EVER had!!! Freshly baked from the outside & warm squishy full of fruits on the inside, served Vanilla ice-cream at Fat Plates Cafe, Manali.


This view!!

Wouldn’t you love to live in this cottage in the hills?! I would!



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Work Out of These Super Cool Cafes in Delhi, Virtually For Free!

As bloggers & entrepreneurs we are always on the move & looking for chilled out places to work out of. I just found the most perfect co-working spaces ever. MyHQ is a new entrant & they have partnered with many cafes across Delhi/NCR where you can work out of their cafes & pay virtually no free. For one day, you pay only Rs 299 & out of that Rs 200 is usable for food! Yes!! Unbelievable, no?

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Wildlife, Luxury & The Best Couple’s Getaway: The Serai, Bandipur

An encounter with the tiger. A relaxed dip in the pool. Endless coffees overlooking the Nilgiris. Evenings that turned into night by the bonfire. Wine that never stopped pouring. Birds which never stopped chirping.

The Serai, Bandipur was this and so much more.

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Tips For A Long Train Ride, That You May Not Know

If you do not live in an area where long train rides are a fact of life, you may not know exactly how to handle yourself when you are on one. No worries, we are going to fill you in on some ›important tips that will help you (and those around you) feel more comfortable.

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Enjoy International Cuisine From South Africa, Germany, Thailand & Many More at This Cafe!

Who knew that you could get the best of all International cuisines in Gurgaon itself! Culture Cafe by Chef Tyson brings the best of the entire world in one place. The menu was so refreshing & vast that it took us a while to figure out what to have. Culture Cafe is the next hot thing in town!

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Paris Photo Diary

This has been a long time coming! Paris was such a delight! A dream city truly, where we got to spend our honeymoon. As soon as we arrived in Paris, we were welcomed by rain & lots of it! Being used to the clear blue skies in other cities of Italy, we were perplexed. Still, Paris was an experience! Here are some photos of our trip.

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Top 5 Gaming Arcades in Delhi You Need To Check Out Now!

Gaming is fast becoming a much loved source of entertainment. Delhi has now become a hot-spot for all kinds of gaming like Laser Tag, Mystery rooms, Sky Karting & many more games that are innovative & loads of fun!! Here are a few gaming centres that you must certainly try. 

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Best 4 Chinese Restaurants in Delhi/NCR

A hot, steaming plate of showmen is one of the best comfort foods, isn’t it? Which is why we love Chinese! Momos, thukpas, Hakka noodles & the classic favourite Manchurian; mouth- watering already? Here’s a list of the Best Chinese Restaurants that you can visit tonight!

If you’re more of a street food kind of person, check out our list of the best street food places in Delhi!

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Venice Photo Diary

Venice is definitely one of the most beautiful places I have laid eyes on. The narrow canals with romantic Gondolas passing by, the cute lanes with art galleries & bars in every corner, talented artists sitting & playing instruments that give the entire place another aura; Venice stole my heart. Below are some of the photos of Venice & us enjoying the city!


So, we were staying on the outskirts of Venice, after getting lost for 3 hours in this unknown city, taking 3 wrong buses, breaking our tab, walking on a highway with luggage at night (!!)  we finally reached our hotel. Making a wise decision, we took the hotel bus this time to the city & this is what we saw.

Here, we took the City Waterbus pass, which was valid for two days for the entire city. Thankfully this time, we figured the city out & didn’t get lost 😛

Venice felt as if we were lost in time & we wanted to stay there forever!

This is the Doge’s Palace, a must-see when in Venice

Tired of walking around the entire day, i just wanted to rest.

and refreshed enough to pose now 😛

This guy was playing this instrument with a million strings in a narrow streets & being an enclosed space the acoustics of that area was so good; it gave us chills hearing him.

This sunset was so magical! No description needed here 🙂

As much as we loved Venice, we adored Rome too! Here’s our Rome photo diary.