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Wildlife, Luxury & The Best Couple’s Getaway: The Serai, Bandipur

An encounter with the tiger. A relaxed dip in the pool. Endless coffees overlooking the Nilgiris. Evenings that turned into night by the bonfire. Wine that never stopped pouring. Birds which never stopped chirping.

The Serai, Bandipur was this and so much more.

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Exploring Coorg- A South Indian Gem

Sitting in a place where all I can hear is the frogs croaking and rain pouring.
We are in a beautiful town called Coorg, Karnataka. This is famous for coffee, spices and is lush green.


Here is a picture of the balcony, where we can relax while soaking in the view of the hills.


We drove 3 hours to get here, the drive was great peppered with the rains. It’s a little scary here at night as its just 2 ladies. Trying to distract myself by watching American Idol on their big ass TV.
Whenever there is signal that is.