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One Step To Edit Pictures Like A Pro Instagrammer!

These days creating amazing photos is getting easier. With stunning camera quality in our phones and portable devices, almost everyone has the capacity to click amazing photos. But, the one thing that distinguishes pro bloggers and instagrammers is picture editing. Which we where presets come into play.

You might have noticed that I recently changed my Instagram theme to a warmer golden one, where browns and teals are more pronounced. Having a cohesive Instagram theme is essential these days to make your feed look professional.

But, why do you do that?

You must have seen popular feeds like @heleneInbetween , @tamara having these warm golden tones along with tanned skin colours which look beautiful and lovely in a feed.

But how do they get such colours?

The answer is Lightroom presets!

What Is Adobe Lightroom?

It’s one of the most amazing way to edit your photos. From basic colour correction, to using presets; Lightroom is seriously one of the best photo editing tools.

You have the ability to buy presets, through which you can have a very professional look of your feed. (My #VSPresets are available here)

The best part is all you have to do to edit is just ONE CLICK!

I get many queries, where people ask me how I edit my photos. Well, I have made my own presets through which I have the ability to edit all my pics with one click!

What Do You Need To Use Presets?

Well, you have to buy Adobe Lightroom first. It’s less than 10$ per month and is one of the most important investments you will make towards your blog/ Instagram. Trust me!

Cameras Which I Use

I actually have a pretty old version of Canon, which is Canon 550D. I use the Portrait lens along with the 18-135 mm lens. Which is a standard zoom lens. The Portrait lens is great for shooting portraits obviously. The colours in Canon come out great as well.

But, since the time i bought an iPhone, I have to confess that I use the iPhone most of the times.

How To Edit Photos In Lightroom

It’s really not as daunting as it looks. When you open Lightroom for the first time it can seem pretty overwhelming. All those options and buttons and all that jazz!

Firstly, import your images using an SD card or from your computer, like this:

Basically you can click on “File” then “Import Photos and Videos” then add the photos from the folder which you can. Next, click “Develop” on the top right. Now if you see, there are some in-built Lightroom presets as well which you will see on the left. The ones below are my own presets:

Just click on one of the presets on the left and your photo instantly looks 100 times better and more professional! These are the presets that I use too (Buy them here)

Now, if your photo looks a bit dull or too bright, do change the exposure or Saturation levels. As the light differs for each photo. 🙂

After that just save your photo by clicking on “File” and then “Export” and choose your location to download the photo.

Here are some Before and Afters of my pictures are using my Presets:







Buy My Presets Here!


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