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4 Must Try Street Foods In Delhi!

Delhi is an amalgamation of all the cultures and cuisines of India. All in one place. The city is full of amazing cuisine in all parts of the city. Food from every corner and every part of India can be found in the capital city. We decided to get on a journey to explore the by lanes of Delhi and taste the best Street Food that Delhi can offer. The foods that I decided to try out were the Shawarma Rolls, Momos, Cholle Bhatture, Parathas and Papri Chaats.

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We recommend: Momma’s Kitchen for the best Bengali home-cooked meal, delivered at your doorstep!

Sumptuous Luchi Aloor Dum? Yes, please!

Working a 9-5 everyday, we tend to ignore our health. Our lunches tend to get squeezed into a ten minute time- frame in between meetings. A coke & a burger, we are done. Not anymore! Imagine a Bengali home-cooked meal, reminiscent of the one your Mom makes (think Luchi Aloor Dum & Machher Jhol and Bhaat). Their prices are as low as Rs 75 per meal! And the breakfast is as low as Rs 50. They serve amazing North Indian meals as well.

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Gurgaon’s Best Kept Secret Cafe: Another Fine Day!


Though Gurgaon is now a prominent city for all kinds of Cafes’ & restaurants, it’s very difficult to find a cafe which is away from the hustle & bustle. Where one can just sit & relax, have a nice coffee over endless talks. We have discovered one such Cafe in Gurgaon, which might be the best kept secret. It’s called Another Fine Day, it’s tucked away on the Golf Course Road which serves all day breakfast! Oh, what joy!

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Mamagato, for the Best Udon noodles in Delhi!

When Mamagato opened in Noida, it seemed  like an unassuming place from outside. But I thought I’ll give it a try, since I was in the mood for some Asian food & boy was I surprised! From the eclectic decor & interesting paintings all over the place to the service, everything was a 10/10! 

The second time I visited, it was an amazing culinary experience made even more amazing by their courteous staff!

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First Eat For a Healthy Breakfast Option!

A Healthy breakfast option!

It was 9 am & we were in search of healthy breakfast options, we found none. Then someone suggested First Eat to us. We were pleasantly surprised! First Eat is one of the few healthy breakfast delivery options in Gurgaon. From fresh nutritious Indian breakfast options to yummy salads; they have it all!

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