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Want naturally glowing skin? Opt for Greenberry Organic’s!

As the brand name suggests, their products are devoid of any harmful chemicals & made from only Organic ingredients! The product that i used was the Greenery Organics Mud Ash 3 in 1 Face Care. Not only were there visible results after just one day, but this product can be used in three ways! As a cleanser, scrubber & Mask. This is the one product that will solve all your face problems!

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My own beauty box every month! You can have it too…read on.

So so excited to receive my April Beauty Box from My Envy Box. They just never fail to surprise or delight! #WorkHardGlamHard

Lowdown to My Envy Box

My Envy Box is a subscription based beauty box that delivers amazing beauty products in a cute box to you every month! The brands include BBlunt, benefit, Clarins, Clinique & many more Indian & international brands! What’re more, they have fantastic offers starting from just Rs 850! Subscribe now:

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Just Discovered: All Things Sweet, an amazing home-bakery for Designer Cakes!

There are so many big bakeries in town, but if you want your Birthday cake to be special & made with love, then you must opt for this amazing home bakery called All Things Sweet. Owned by Sarika Malik who is a Ceramic Artist turned Cake artist; all her cakes reflect her hard work & love. She makes some amazing designer cakes which are customised to the clients specifications. You just give her your ideas & be rest assured that she will deliver your cake exceeding your expectations!

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Food & Drinks Restaurant Reviews Trending Posts

We recommend: Momma’s Kitchen for the best Bengali home-cooked meal, delivered at your doorstep!

Sumptuous Luchi Aloor Dum? Yes, please!

Working a 9-5 everyday, we tend to ignore our health. Our lunches tend to get squeezed into a ten minute time- frame in between meetings. A coke & a burger, we are done. Not anymore! Imagine a Bengali home-cooked meal, reminiscent of the one your Mom makes (think Luchi Aloor Dum & Machher Jhol and Bhaat). Their prices are as low as Rs 75 per meal! And the breakfast is as low as Rs 50. They serve amazing North Indian meals as well.

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Tips For the Perfect Travel Insurance Plan

So you’re all set for that big vacation you have been planning for months. Flight tickets? Check!

Hotel bookings? Check! Travel Insurance? That’s where a traveller starts thinking if he really needs one. You most certainly do! Travel insurance will help to provide you with medical coverage when you’re sick, reimburse you with you broken camera equipment or if something is stolen; or any other sudden emergency in a foreign country that might leave you high & dry. It has helped many when they have been faced with such gruesome & sudden situations when traveling.

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Travel Essentials

The over-planners which we are, we constantly fret over what all to pack for our travels, apart from our clothes & other necessities. There are some things which we never leave home without. Here’s a list:

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Exploring Bhutan: The Land of Happiness

Getting There

Think lush green valleys, Tibetan flags blowing in the wind, bright blue sky & people walking in their traditional clothes, Gho & Kera. Yes, I’m talking about Bhutan, Land of the Thunder Dragons. Bhutan is mystical & truly other worldly. The only country in the world which measures itself in Gross National Happiness. It’s a big idea for a tiny state & they implement this idea fully.

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