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What’s Vagabond Stories all about?

We met 8 years ago by chance online, one chat that said “Hi, need help with my career”; & it all started then. We haven’t stopped talking since 🙂 From strangers to now being married, it’s been a journey! We have grown to love travelling, eating out & enjoying the fine things in life.  Last year we thought that we should pen down the adventures that we are always up to, which is how Vagabond Stories, our Travel Blog came into being. Vagabond Stories is an amalgamation of all our passions which we want to put out there to the world.  We want to inspire people to travel, explore & eat their hearts out!

He’s the planner & i’m the follower, he’s can eat anything & i only eat vegetarian, he loves making videos & I love writing, he’s a people’s person & me not so much; so many differences yet we complement each other which we hope shows in our brand, Vagabond Stories.

Here’s what you will find in this blog- Travel, Food reviews & tips, Events around the world & Wine reviews. Most of all, these will be complemented with beautiful photographs. We both have a passion for photography, which will reflect in Vagabond Stories. Our aim is to become to top Indian travel blogger who can help all travellers in their journeys around the world.

Who are we?

We are Harry Naik & Nikita Das. A couple who have been together since 8 years & now married. Here’s a bit more about our personal lives:

Harry Naik: A Marketing professional with an MBA from the prestigious, IIM Calcutta. He’s from Orissa but has lived in Gurgaon, India since a long time. He loves to plan & is a genius with everything that’s associated with Digital Marketing. He  has experience of working for Google India. He’s also a Photographer, a Poker Player, a guitar & drum player, a voracious reader & one-half of Vagabond Stories J

Nikita Das: An ex-advertising professional by day, with a degree in Journalism & English Literature from Lady Shri Ram College for Women. She hails from Delhi, India. She loves singing & playing the guitar, doing photography, hogging on everything chocolate & reading anything & everything. Also, the second half of Vagabond Stories J

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We love to travel, eat out in amazing restaurants, explore exciting adventures & drink some great wine! J

We will always be the first to explore all the new things in the city & tell you about it! Follow us for some amazing Food  reviews & Travelogues from around the world.

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Features & Awards

Our articles have been Published by Tripoto & PayTM on various occasions.

Have also been nominated by the IndiBlogger as the Top Indian TRAVEL BLOGGER in India!

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