Travel Essentials

The over-planners which we are, we constantly fret over what all to pack for our travels, apart from our clothes & other necessities. There are some things which we never leave home without. Here’s a list:

  1. Our camera & camera gear (yes, that includes the selfie stick)- We both love taking pictures. & we both own Canon 550D, an Instax, we take pictures with our phones too. Our cameras are always on the top of our lists.
  2. Backpack: I have a couple of bag packs for travelling; one from Forever 21 & the other from 20 Dresses. I carry all my nit-bits in this bag of mine. From my impromptu snacks, make-up, earphones while on the road etc.
  3. A good book: We both are voracious readers & we make it a point to carry a feel-good or inspiring book for our travels. A lot of ideas are bounced off each other which we feed off of the books. My favourite book has to be Shantaram by Gregory David Roberts, it’s the perfect travel book.
  4. Climbing Gear: We love trekking & carry some gear with us usually. However, it all starts with good climbing boots. We often refer to Smart Lad’s blog for some great tips: http://thesmartlad.com/climbing-blog/used-climbing-shoes/ 
  5. Headphones & Portable speakers: We have dedicated Travel Playlists on our phones, as we love to sing along to our favourite tunes while road-tripping! Hence, my Sennheiser headphones & JBL speakers always travel with me. 

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