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Wondering Kya #BadalGaya hai with Dominos? It’s something amazing, we promise!

You must have seen the new #BadalGaya hai campaign by Domino’s starring Ranvijay Singha & other celebrities. Domino’s has bought a whole new pizza on their menu & it’s something that you HAVE to taste! Remember leaving out the hard crusts of the pizzas, not anymore.

Domino’s has come up with #TheAllNewDominos pizza. It has more cheese, more toppings, tastier sauce & obviously the softest crust!! Domino’s hear everyone’s plea & came out with the changes that everyone wanted. Their tagline says, “ Aapne Kaha, Humne Kiya”

Badal Gaya Hai

Badal Gaya Hai 发布于 2017年8月4日

Soft Crust

We sampled #AllNewDominos ourselves, to find out, kya #BadalGaya hai. The first thing that you notice is the really soft crust which makes the entire pizza tastier. We tried the Peppy Paneer Pizza & we super happy!

dominos pizza

More Cheesy

Now the cheese isn’t just a topping, it’s a part of the sauce & crust. As soon as you take a slice out, you see the melted cheese coated on the entire pizza! It was really the most cheesiest pizza we have had. ( apart from cheese burst of course!!)

dominos pizza

Better toppings

The Peppy Panner pizza had so many toppings & big chunks of Paneer! it really felt like a different pizza altogether. Dominos truly heard everyone’s plea & revamped their entire brand! I’m even a bigger fan now.

For fun, we even did a domino effect with the Dominos Pizza ( Get the pun?) 😀

Kuch toh #BadalGaya hai with #TheAllNewDominos Domino's Pizza. Tried to make a Domino effect with Domino's Pizza India#dominos #pizza #cheese

The Vagabond Stories 发布于 2017年8月10日

So go on guys, try #TheAllNewDominos!! Trust me, you won’t be disappointed.

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