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3 Food favourites from across the globe

They say there is no love more sincere than a love of food. Being creatures whose mouths instinctively water at the smell of nice food, this statement is not easy to argue with. This is why as a traveller, you can take advantage of the wide range of foods available in different destinations across the world.

As much as people love vacations, the most interesting part of a holiday is that trip to somewhere new. This is why 30% of workers, for example, are reportedly willing to accept a lower wage if business trips are among the work benefits offered. A change of environment is as good as a rest and, as we know, not many people will pass up the opportunity for a bit of relaxation.

Food tourism offers not just a change of scenery but allows you to get a sense of the place you are visiting by tasting their foods and learning about their culinary customs and cultures. If you do not know where to start organising your travels, here are some insights to get you started.

With millions of different cultures from which to choose, there is no limit to the types of foods available for you around the globe. Below is a list of just three of our 3 favourite foods from around the world:

1. Hainanese chicken rice

This is a dish of seasoned rice and poached chicken, usually served with chilli sauce and presented with cucumber garnishes. It is said to be an adaptation of the Hainanese dish Wenchang chicken, originally made by immigrants from Hainan, Southern China.

This dish is currently considered to be one of Singapore’s national dishes, although it is also present in other areas throughout Southeast Asia, specifically in Malaysia where it is a staple food.

The sight of Hainanese chicken rice in Singapore stores is common, and for good reason. Although deceptively simple, the taste of chicken has been stretched to the extent that it hits the sweet tooth every time.

2. Sushi

Sushi is a Japanese dish that is already pretty famous in the western world, and justifiably so. It is prepared using vinegared rice with some salt and sugar, and a variety of other ingredients. These may include vegetables, seafood, and even tropical fruits.

Although the styles of preparation and presentation could vary widely, one constant ingredient is ‘sushi rice’, also known as sumeshi or shari. Shari is traditionally made from medium-grained white rice but can also be prepared using short-grained or brown rice. The accompanying ingredients are often seafood such as tuna, salmon, yellowtail, eel, and squid. These are, however, not key ingredients – as many sushi dishes are vegetarian.

This Japanese cuisine is well worth its fame. Although it can be found in every country these days, if you know where to look, what better place is there to experience it than its home?

3. Neapolitan pizza

If a list was to be made of the foods people love worldwide, you would be sure to see pizza making numerous appearances. Originating in Italy, Neapolitan pizza or the Naples style pizza is made using tomatoes and mozzarella cheese. Not just any tomatoes are used, however. It is made using either Pomodorino del Piennolo del Vesuvio or Marzano tomatoes.

If you happen to make a trip to Italy, you will have the opportunity to witness the art of pizza making in person, which has been included in the country’s cultural heritage by UNESCO.

With this short guide, you have a sneak peek of what to expect when you visit the three countries whose foods have been discussed. Taste is, however, always subjective. To determine which countries in the world have the best foods, you will have to make your own trip!


Honeymoon in The Philippines

So, have you planned your honeymoon yet? Not a clue yet? Looking for a perfect honeymoon destination with picturesque landscapes and which also pampers your wallets? Don’t let the question keep nagging! We’ve got your back here!

Topping the charts of honeymoon hotspots across the globe is the majestic country of 7000 islands: The Philippines. It is the ultimate destination for the most romantic getaway with your partner. Be it holding hands and taking walks on the white sands, beside the shimmering waters at a moonlit beach, stargazing, spending quality time at a secluded beach, experiencing and enjoying the nightlife, watching the sunsets together and sipping cold beer or renting a studio apartment and forgetting about the rest of the world. The Philippines is your dream destination!

Here is an elaborate list of what you shouldn’t miss, while honeymooning in Philippines:

1. Boracay Island

An idyllic honeymoon on this romantic island is a must for couples. The white sand beaches, clear blue waters and the tropical holiday vibes will astound you. You can go kayaking, scuba diving, cliff jumping, island hopping and jet skiing here. Built on the edge of a cliff is the Spider House Bar that serves drinks and delicacies with a spell-bounding view of the sunsets.

Catering to the needs of your top-most priority: privacy, there are secluded beaches with resorts and hotels at reasonable prices on the Banyugan Beach, White Beach, Punta Bunga Beach and the Lapuz Lapuz Beach. Try out the drool-worthy fresh seafood at D’Talipapa.

2. Coron

The secluded natural landscapes here are a must visit for a private yet adventurous getaway. It is also one of the most economical picks for a getaway. You can easily reach here through a ferry ride or taking a flight from Manila.

The hotspots are lake Barracuda and lake Kayangan. The limestones and vibrant coral reefs will leave you enchanted. You can also opt for a island hopping tour to nearby islands of Sangatisla, Diwaran or Calamian. A lot of water sports and activities are available here to keep you engaged. There are secret and untouched lagoons around here to explore with your muse!

La Natura Resort is one of the best budget stay options. Or you can book a private island resort for less than half the price you’d pay somewhere else like El Nido for example! The most popular activities amongst couples are hiking, scuba diving, snorkelling and simply chasing waterfalls!

3. Donsol

Renowned for registering among the very few places that let you experience a whale shark encounter, Donsol is an adventure like no other. You can swim along whale sharks, click pictures and boast away! The prime season for this particular adventure lasts from November through May. 

Another mesmerising experience is to hop in a firefly cruise and tour. It is a one-hour trip and is hands down, one of the most romantic experiences one can dream of. As the cruise takes you down the river, the skies are illuminated with plenty of fireflies as the stars twinkle beyond the deep blue skies. The water underneath shimmers with bioluminescent planktons. You can just hold hands and take this serene experience all in, one moment at a time!

4. Palawan Island

A pool of romantic destinations such as El Nido, Port Barton and Coron fall in the vicinity of each other is all for you to explore once you arrive here. This paradisal destination is neatly hidden away among the mountains. It is also known as the Last Frontier and is home to the most beautiful coral reefs and diverse aquatic life. It is noteworthy that the Palawan Island has been named the most beautiful island of the world multiple times.

This UNESCO World Heritage Site is a must-visit destination for an unforgettable honeymooning experience. There are fishing villages, dive sites, mountains and jungles here. Puerto Princea Underground River, National Park, limestone cliffs, Cathedral, Night Market for shopping and palatable seafood as well as street-food are worth exploring during your stay.

The entirety of Palawan can be explored within a week. For shorter stays, choose either El Nido or Coron only. Even with a week to spare, you won’t be able to see and do everything as this island is so full of adventures! For that reason, it might be better to book a Palawan tour package from a local agent, as transfers between locations can otherwise consume too much precious time if you try to do everything on your own.

5. Cebu

Featuring a ton of islets and islands under its umbrella, Cebu is a hotspot for romantic destinations that are quick rides away from each other and offer an exotic getaway like none other. Getting here is easiest and most economical if you catch a flight to Cebu directly from anywhere in India. Then you can use cars or ferry rides to explore one island after the other.

An adventurous experience with your partner in crime is to go diving with the majestic thresher sharks in Malapascua island, with whale sharks in Oslob, with wild dolphins in the clear blue waters at Pescador island or with sardines at the Sardine Beach, Moalboal. There is an endless line of beaches here offering warm culinary treats and water-sport activities. The Chocolate hills of Bohol are known for their naturally brown landscapes that resemble your favourite confectionery! Canyoneering near the Kawsan falls is popular amongst the tourists that flock here all year round.

6. Manila

The National Capital of Philippines is where most of the flights from India are scheduled to land. Manila is well within reach of the famous tourist destinations around and present in the heart of the country. Shared modes of conveyance within the city, ferry and bus rides to nearby hotspots, plethora of stay and dining options make it a perfect destination for a budget stay.

There are pubs and bars that will ensure a happening nightlife in the busy streets of the city. Not to mention the exclusive range of culinary treats to pamper your palate varying from warm traditional delicacies to exciting street-food options.

The Taal volcano, museums of natural and cultural heritage, Churches and Cathedrals, remains of old forts, shopping centres and Pagsanjan Falls must be on your checklist.

The nightlife hotspots include Makati, El Chupakabra and Z Hostel for cheap beers, DJ and partying all night long.

Not to mention that the locals here are amicable and will guide you for an amazing tour around the place if you haven’t organised and planned already. We all know the excitement and hurry in which honeymoons are planned! 

So, get on that plane while you still pamper your wallets and head for the most memorable honeymoon one can dream of!