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5 Best Pizza Brands One Must Try At Least Once

best pizza

Pizza? Pizza! We all have that lover for pizza in us which craves and demands pizza every once in a while. A non vegetarian pizza or a vegetarian pizza, Hawaiian style pizza or a basic pepperoni pizza, our quest for the best is never ending. But, if you have not tried some of the best brands of pizzas that are there in India then you are betraying the pizza lover you are. Here in this post we have all the information that you require to try  some of the best pizza there is to try in this town:



Domino’s is loved by everyone who has ever tasted their pizzas. You can locate their stores nearby and can even order pizzas from their huge variety online.

best pizza


Domino’s pizza is well known for their so cheesy pizza, which comes with 5 different variety of cheese. Their cheese crust is world famous, where you can find the most cheese possible in a pizza. Apart from the thick crust you can also find thin crust, extra toppings pizza and sides. Domino’s has got variety of meal boxes too, which are convenient for 2-4 people together. Definitely one of the best pizza ever!

1.  Farm House- This pizza from Domino’s goes ballistic with all the vegetables. It has a blend of capsicum, onion, tomato and mushrooms. The best part about this pizza is that it comes with thin crust and you can get extra cheese added to it.

2. Peppy Paneer PizzaThere’s nothing complete without paneer in it. If you also think the same then this paneer is the right one for you. It has a fusion of Indian taste with italian base. The pizza has got cheese inside and outside too.

3. Double Cheese Margherita- The double cheese margherita is what you need for satisfying your cheese cravings. The pizza comes with two variety of cheese that makes it more delicious.

The most famous pizza from Dominos is the chicken sausage pizza that you can also buy in a double cheese crust which will provide the right cheesy texture to your pizza taste buds.

In Domino’s apart from the regular pizzas do try their great variety of sides available in their store.

  • Stuffed garlic cheese sticks at just Rs. 139
  • Veg Italiano white (Veg) available at Rs. 135 only
  • Zingy Non Veg Parcel at Rs. 39
  • Taco Mexicano Veg at just Rs. 125
  • Choco Lava Cake from Domino’s at Rs.99

In Domino’s one thing you can be sure of is that they provide their pizzas very tasty and very affordable prices. You can get all the pizza starting from just Rs. 395 – Rs. 695 only that too in large size quantity.

Special Offers:

Through the ongoing dominos offer, you can get  2 medium sized pizza combo at just Rs. 199 only. Also, you can grab other offers too, which provide pizzas at up to Rs.75/- cash back via Paytm wallet or 30% cashback via Mobikwik, etc.

2. Pizza Hut

Pizza Hut pizzas are best in class and not so tight on the pocket too. Pizzas from Pizza Hut can be ordered online or you can go and have them in their store too. The best pizza ever!

best pizza


Pizza Hut is known for their quality and quantity. Their pizza sauce is something that no one can match and the crust is so thin that it actually makes a crunch when one takes a bite. On Pizza Hut pizzas are available in small and medium size and comes with various crust and topping options too that can be changed as per the customers wish.

1. Veggie Supreme Pizza- This pizza comes with everything that can possibly make a pizza tastiest. It has got a thick crust and a good tangy taste to go with.

2. Chicken Italiano Pizza- Get this pizza from Pizza Hut that has the best chicken taste in it. It comes with chicken pepperoni, chicken sausage, mushroom, capsicum and black olives. It comes with pan crust pizza.

3. Chicken Tikka Pizza- Love the taste of chicken tikka and pizza too? The pizza has chicken tikka pieces, onion and tomato as toppings with a tangy sauce and cheesy topping.

The most famous pizza from pizza hut are their hand tossed pizza range. It can be bought in any size and comes in vegetarian and non vegetarian variety. You can choose from four of the hand tossed pizza range- paneer overload, veggie overload, spice overload and spicy chicken overload.

Apart from their pizza ranges, you can also get great sides along with it, check some their sides here-

  • Spicy cheesy garlic bread at just Rs. 139 only
  • Spicy baked chicken wings set in just Rs. 169
  • Spanish tomato vegetarian pasta at Rs. 149 only
  • Tandoori pocket paneet at Rs. 89 only
  • Garlic bread stix with dip at Rs. 129 only


You can get all these pizzas at a very low price. Grab all the pizzas from Pizza Hut at a range from Rs. 279 – Rs. 625 only.

Special offers-

There are many great offers available in Pizza Hut. You can get two pizzas from Pizza Hut at flat 50% discount on purchase of two pizzas. Apart from that you any medium pizzas at 50% off on take away orders any day.

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3. U.S.Pizza

 The most famous US Pizza is now in India. Not just stores but you can also get them home delivered at your place too. The pizzas from this place are big, crunchy and tasty too.

best pizza


US Pizza provides a great flavour and texture to their pizzas. The size and the taste from their store are unique. Apart from that they give you an option to customise your own pizza according to your own taste bud. US pizza offers an array of pizza kinds moulded according to the taste of Indians.

  1. Spicy Treat Pizza- Treat your taste bud with some of the spicy treat pizza. It has a spicy sauce and great toppings that will give you the right boost of flavours in first bite itself.
  2. Balle Balle Pizza- Dance to the beat of the flavours provided in this pizza. It comes with lots of cheese, tandoori paneer pieces, chilly, coriander and butter sprinkled all over it. The best pizza ever!
  3. Cheese Burst Pizza- This pizza can lower down your craving for cheese right away. It comes with 3 kinds of cheese, onion, capsicum, paneer and jalapeno too that makes the flavour of cheese not go away

The most famous pizza from US Pizza is their American pizza which comes with many varieties. You can choose from almost 10 of such categories that vary from so cheesy to spicy treats which come in various international flavours. One of the best pizza ever!

There are various sides available on US Pizza that can be bought along with the pizzas.

  • Garlic breads starting from Rs. 75 only
  • Cheesy potato pops at Rs. 90 only
  • Roman veg pasta available at Rs. 120
  • Greek, Hawaiian and Russian salads at just Rs. 120
  • Veg wraps available at Rs. 99 only


You can get all the large size pizza from US Pizza starting from Rs. 390 – Rs. 650. This price is available on stores as well as online orders for the pizza.

Special offers-

When you are not alone and the order is for many people you can make the order a combo which suits all. There are various food combos available on US Pizza which you can avail at Rs. 299 onwards.

4. Chicago Pizza

One must at least try Chicago pizza at least once. Once you try it you are going to eat here again and again. The pizza place serves pizzas and big pizza slices too for never ending quest of pizza.


This pizza’s speciality lies in its flavour and its Chicago style. Chicago style pizzas are hard to find but not now. This place provides an array of flavoured pizzas and you can even get pizza slices from here to satisfy your pizza cravings. Apart from that you also get the pizza pie in three sizes. The best pizza ever!

  1. Chicken Ham Pizza Slice- Love pizzas but cannot complete one by yourself? Then this best pizza slice you will have. It comes in chicken ham flavour along with spicy sauce and overloaded cheese which makes it amazing.
  2. Paneer Pizza Pie- Authentic Chicago pizzas are the pot pie pizzas and you cannot find another better pizza in this category anywhere else. It comes with tandoori paneer pieces and spicy-tangy sauce with cheese on top and bottom.
  3. Pepperoni Pizza- Get this pizza in slice or whole from Chicago pizza. It has pepperoni pizza all over it and comes with cheese and extra veggies too along with the pepperoni.

Chicago Pizza is not only famous for its pizza but its sides too.

  • Cheese garlic bread in vegetarian and non vegetarian options
  • Red and white pasta
  • Mocktails like- Monster Fizz, Green Apple mojito, Blue Curacoa and others.

If you cannot wait anymore to try all these pizzas after reading this blog, it is natural. So do not wait, go to the nearest store or order any of these online today. Apart from being tasty all these pizzas also come with great discounts and deals that you can avail today itself. So, what are you waiting go and grab the next best pizza for yourself. We hope you enjoy your meal!

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