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5 countries that you must explore during your next European vacation

We have all heard enough about travelling and backpacking across Europe, however with so many countries to choose from and almost always limited time; it can be a daunting task to zero in on the best European countries to explore during your next European budget holiday. We list down  5  European countries that you must explore on your next trip:


Beautiful sights, amazing architecture, never ending parties and views to die for. You ask for it and Hungary will have it, on top of it, Hungary is one of the most affordable European countries to visit, heck it’s probably one of the most budget friendly destinations in the world. Needless to say Hungary is our number 1 country to add to any affordable/budget European vacation.


Easily accessible, lots to explore and the European centre of Arts, Culture and Music, Austria too makes it to our list of affordable European destinations to check out during your European vacation. Although not amongst the most budget friendly places, we still recommend Austria since it’s home to some of the most scenic cities in the world including Salzburg and Innsbruck.


Very often ignored against some of the its more “glitzy & famous” neighbouring countries, Slovakia is a backpackers and budget travelers dream come true. Beautiful countryside, unending vineyards and some of the cheapest food and beer on offer, Slovakia is a must addition to your next affordable European vacation.


This post is by our friends over at The Travel Brewery. They have some amazing Travel Tips! You can read the rest of the post here: http://www.travelbrewery.com/blog/travel-stories/5-must-explore-countires-europe/

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