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Anahata: Bringing Back The Lost Art of Filigree!

For someone who loves antiques & intricate artworks, the offerings by Anahata were after my heart. Anahata is a brand which envisions to be an Indian filigree luxury brand. The elaborate & ornate work of filigree is a forgotten art, which Anahata strives to bring back to our culture.
Anahata had a beautiful stall at the Vogue Wedding Show, where they showcased all kinds of filigree artworks like silver clutches, hand mirrors, exquisite jewellery boxes etc.

They had some beautiful ornate silver clutches made from 92% silver. These lovely artworks sometimes takes more than 2 years to make! You can imagine the amount of skill & labour going into one piece of craftsmanship. This form of artwork was very popular during the pre-independent era, however it had faded away into the history. Which is why, Anahata has attempted to bring the long forgotten artwork back into vogue.

Anahata also has given a means of livelihood to the dwindling filigree artisans who are struggling to revive this art. Mrs Ragini Grandhi, is the visionary of this brand, an artist herself she bought to life the art of filigree again! Anahata positions itself as a luxury brand with clientele that ranges from Nita Ambani to Salman Khan. These Anahata creations are truly royal & luxurious.

Below I’m seen holding the beautiful hand-held mirror made from silver & you can also spot an exquisite ring on my hand. The ring was made in true filigree style with hair-thin wires beaten down to make the intricate pattern woven into a ring. Truly felt like royalty wearing this!

anahata art

Another artwork we really admired was the classic Vintage Car. This is a part of their Heirloom Collection called Eka. The seemingly innocuous car is actually a wedding accessory! There are two cylindrical stacks on either side of the car for filling perfume & to the inner ceiling of each button there hangs a sleek silver bristle for applying scent on the hands and clothes of visitors and guests. Amazing, isn’t it?

anahata filigree cars

Anahata’s range is seperated into five categories: DEVA – The Divinity Collection, EKA – The Heirloom Collection, GRHA – Artifacts Collection, SAMUHA – The Corporate Collection, VIVAHA – The Wedding Collection. Which is why there’s an option of gifting for all occasions. You can check out Anahata’s collection here: http://anahata.org.in/

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