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Honeymoon in The Philippines

So, have you planned your honeymoon yet? Not a clue yet? Looking for a perfect honeymoon destination with picturesque landscapes and which also pampers your wallets? Don’t let the question keep nagging! We’ve got your back here!

Topping the charts of honeymoon hotspots across the globe is the majestic country of 7000 islands: The Philippines. It is the ultimate destination for the most romantic getaway with your partner. Be it holding hands and taking walks on the white sands, beside the shimmering waters at a moonlit beach, stargazing, spending quality time at a secluded beach, experiencing and enjoying the nightlife, watching the sunsets together and sipping cold beer or renting a studio apartment and forgetting about the rest of the world. The Philippines is your dream destination!

Here is an elaborate list of what you shouldn’t miss, while honeymooning in Philippines:

1. Boracay Island

An idyllic honeymoon on this romantic island is a must for couples. The white sand beaches, clear blue waters and the tropical holiday vibes will astound you. You can go kayaking, scuba diving, cliff jumping, island hopping and jet skiing here. Built on the edge of a cliff is the Spider House Bar that serves drinks and delicacies with a spell-bounding view of the sunsets.

Catering to the needs of your top-most priority: privacy, there are secluded beaches with resorts and hotels at reasonable prices on the Banyugan Beach, White Beach, Punta Bunga Beach and the Lapuz Lapuz Beach. Try out the drool-worthy fresh seafood at D’Talipapa.

2. Coron

The secluded natural landscapes here are a must visit for a private yet adventurous getaway. It is also one of the most economical picks for a getaway. You can easily reach here through a ferry ride or taking a flight from Manila.

The hotspots are lake Barracuda and lake Kayangan. The limestones and vibrant coral reefs will leave you enchanted. You can also opt for a island hopping tour to nearby islands of Sangatisla, Diwaran or Calamian. A lot of water sports and activities are available here to keep you engaged. There are secret and untouched lagoons around here to explore with your muse!

La Natura Resort is one of the best budget stay options. Or you can book a private island resort for less than half the price you’d pay somewhere else like El Nido for example! The most popular activities amongst couples are hiking, scuba diving, snorkelling and simply chasing waterfalls!

3. Donsol

Renowned for registering among the very few places that let you experience a whale shark encounter, Donsol is an adventure like no other. You can swim along whale sharks, click pictures and boast away! The prime season for this particular adventure lasts from November through May. 

Another mesmerising experience is to hop in a firefly cruise and tour. It is a one-hour trip and is hands down, one of the most romantic experiences one can dream of. As the cruise takes you down the river, the skies are illuminated with plenty of fireflies as the stars twinkle beyond the deep blue skies. The water underneath shimmers with bioluminescent planktons. You can just hold hands and take this serene experience all in, one moment at a time!

4. Palawan Island

A pool of romantic destinations such as El Nido, Port Barton and Coron fall in the vicinity of each other is all for you to explore once you arrive here. This paradisal destination is neatly hidden away among the mountains. It is also known as the Last Frontier and is home to the most beautiful coral reefs and diverse aquatic life. It is noteworthy that the Palawan Island has been named the most beautiful island of the world multiple times.

This UNESCO World Heritage Site is a must-visit destination for an unforgettable honeymooning experience. There are fishing villages, dive sites, mountains and jungles here. Puerto Princea Underground River, National Park, limestone cliffs, Cathedral, Night Market for shopping and palatable seafood as well as street-food are worth exploring during your stay.

The entirety of Palawan can be explored within a week. For shorter stays, choose either El Nido or Coron only. Even with a week to spare, you won’t be able to see and do everything as this island is so full of adventures! For that reason, it might be better to book a Palawan tour package from a local agent, as transfers between locations can otherwise consume too much precious time if you try to do everything on your own.

5. Cebu

Featuring a ton of islets and islands under its umbrella, Cebu is a hotspot for romantic destinations that are quick rides away from each other and offer an exotic getaway like none other. Getting here is easiest and most economical if you catch a flight to Cebu directly from anywhere in India. Then you can use cars or ferry rides to explore one island after the other.

An adventurous experience with your partner in crime is to go diving with the majestic thresher sharks in Malapascua island, with whale sharks in Oslob, with wild dolphins in the clear blue waters at Pescador island or with sardines at the Sardine Beach, Moalboal. There is an endless line of beaches here offering warm culinary treats and water-sport activities. The Chocolate hills of Bohol are known for their naturally brown landscapes that resemble your favourite confectionery! Canyoneering near the Kawsan falls is popular amongst the tourists that flock here all year round.

6. Manila

The National Capital of Philippines is where most of the flights from India are scheduled to land. Manila is well within reach of the famous tourist destinations around and present in the heart of the country. Shared modes of conveyance within the city, ferry and bus rides to nearby hotspots, plethora of stay and dining options make it a perfect destination for a budget stay.

There are pubs and bars that will ensure a happening nightlife in the busy streets of the city. Not to mention the exclusive range of culinary treats to pamper your palate varying from warm traditional delicacies to exciting street-food options.

The Taal volcano, museums of natural and cultural heritage, Churches and Cathedrals, remains of old forts, shopping centres and Pagsanjan Falls must be on your checklist.

The nightlife hotspots include Makati, El Chupakabra and Z Hostel for cheap beers, DJ and partying all night long.

Not to mention that the locals here are amicable and will guide you for an amazing tour around the place if you haven’t organised and planned already. We all know the excitement and hurry in which honeymoons are planned! 

So, get on that plane while you still pamper your wallets and head for the most memorable honeymoon one can dream of!

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Things To Do In Sabah, Malaysia


Borneo is the largest island in Asia and the third largest in the world. The island is divided between the countries of Malaysia, Brunei and Indonesia. The southern part of the island is a part of Indonesia, whereas Brunei takes up a small section in the northern part of the island with the majority belonging to Malaysia. In the Malaysia side of Borneo is a hidden gem of a region, Sabah. There are lots of things to do in Sabah, such as trekking, canoeing, rafting, exploring Rafflesia and more.   Continue Reading

Malaysia Travel

Guide To Sabah, Malaysia


South East Asia is one of the most popular destinations for Indians when they consider International travel. Although countries like Thailand, Indonesia and Malaysia are usually on the radar of Indian travellers, not a lot of people know about this hidden gem, Borneo. Borneo is the largest island in Asia and the third largest in the world. It is shared by three countries, Indonesia occupies the southern part of the island, whereas the northern side of the island is occupied by Brunei and Malaysia. Borneo is also known for having the second oldest rainforest in the world and is even older than the Amazon Rainforest.

In the northern part of Borneo lies the tiny nation of Brunei. Although small, but thanks to its extensive petroleum and natural gas fields, it is actually considered a developed country. During its peak, around the mid 1400s, Brunei used to occupy the majority of the island of Borneo. Now, most of the northern part of Borneo, majorly the Sarawak and Sabah region belong to Malaysia


The region of Sabah lies towards the northernmost side of Borneo. The capital city of Sabah is Kota Kinabalu which also houses the major airport in Sabah. Kota Kinabalu, popularly known as KK, is a major tourist destination and also a gateway to explore Sabah and Borneo.

How To Reach Sabah, Malaysia

In order to reach Kota Kinabalu from India, one would have to take two flights. One flight to Kuala Lumpur and then from Kuala Lumpur, another flight to Kota Kinabalu would be required. Indians only require a Malaysia Visa for both Kuala Lumpur and Kota Kinabalu. It is fairly easy to obtain a visa as well. There are two types of Visa that tourists can apply – E-Visa and Entri Visa. While the E-Visa can grant multiple entries into Malaysia and takes about 3-4 days to obtain, Entri Visa is much faster granting single entry permit and can be obtained within a few hours.


Currency in Sabah, Malaysia

The currency used in Sabah, Malaysia is Ringgit. The exchange value is around 17-20 Rupees per Malaysia Ringgit. Malay is the official language although English is widely spoken in Kota Kinabalu. Islam is the official state religion but you do see a lot of Christians as well. Most of the places in Sabah will have a Type G port for charging, so it’s always good to carry a converter while travelling to Sabah, Malaysia.


Sabah is home to Mount Kinabalu, which is the highest mountain in Malaysia with a height of approximately 4100 m. It is also one of the youngest mountains in the world and is said to be growing by a few centimetres every year. Popular activities in Sabah include diving and snorkelling in the water facing parts of the island and trekking or mountain biking in the interiors of the region with the picturesque view of Mount Kinabalu in the background. 

Where to Stay

As per accommodation requirements, there are plenty of stay options at Sabah. For those who want to spend their time in the lap of luxury, hotels such as the Shangri La Rasa Ria, offer numerous options for relaxation. The resort has its own golf course, private beach and also provides multiple tour options to its guests.


For those who would like to live like the locals and experience the culture, one can explore homestays. Guests can choose to stay in nearby villages with the locals and experience their rich culture and delicious food. One of the recommended Tour Operators in Sabah is Trek Finder Tours, who offer a variety of popular tours and activities in the area. 


It’s a great time to visit Malaysia and explore it to the fullest. The Malaysian Government is promoting Malaysia as one of the best destinations to travel. It has recently launched its campaign Visit Malaysia 2020 to attract more people to travel to Malaysia. In case you are planning a trip to Malaysia or South East Asia, Sabah should definitely be on your list.


World’s largest Underwater Restaurant!

World’s largest underwater restaurant is in Norway. The “Under” – located in Lindesnes, Norway – is also Europe’s first underwater restaurant. In this underwater restaurant, guests can enjoy seafood in the company of fish – five meters below the surface of the water. Eating in an underwater restaurant is clearly awesome.

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Top-Rated Tourist Attractions in Dublin

Dublin is Ireland’s capital and largest city, offering an endless number of museums, attractions, amazing food dishes and entertainment options. Since it adorns the east coast of Ireland, day trips and excursions to the mountains or cliff sides, where you can witness some of the vastest and beautiful sceneries in all of Ireland, are also something you’d want to see and believe or not they are just a taxi or bus ride away.

If you want to book a taxi in advance or reserve an airport transfer to Dublin, we’d recommend www.viptaxis.ie. You can reserve a taxi using their mobile app or their website or what we like the most about them is that you can also book a taxi via their website chat system. All you need is a good wi-fi connection and you are good to go.

And once you’ve sorted that out, it’s time to dive in and read on our top places to visit in the Irish capital.

St. Patrick’s Cathedral – the most sought-after attraction in Dublin

One of the most scenic spots to visit also happens to be a highly rated monument in Dublin. The stained colorful glass is the first and the most notable thing at the cathedral that would get your attention. If you want to get inside the cathedral you will have to buy a ticket.

You can escape the queue by just taking a walk around the periphery and attending the mass that goes on throughout the week. The fact that St. Patrick’s is the tallest and the largest church in all Ireland puts it atop the list of must-visit places in Ireland.

What else you can see while visiting St. Patrick’s Cathedral: The burial site of Jonathan Swift – the literary great and one of the deans of the cathedral in the early 18th century.

The Little Museum of Dublin

A must-see for those interested in how Dublin and its people lived their lives and evolved over the past century. James Joyce once famously said, ‘in the particular is contained the universal,’ which neatly sums up the ethos of this treasure trove. In the minutiae of people’s belongings, history is indeed writ large. Opened in 2011 following an appeal for mementoes and artefacts, the museum has gone from strength to strength and now hosts an array of temporary exhibitions and events as well as permanent installations, including a U2 retrospective with exhibits donated by band members.

Other treats include The lectern used by John F. Kennedy when he addressed both houses of the Irish Parliament (Oireachtas) in June 1963.

Phoenix Park and Dublin Zoo

The Phoenix Park is the largest enclosed urban park in Europe, some 1,750 acres, which is surprising given that Dublin is a relatively small capital city. Hundreds of deer roam the parkland, the President of Ireland’s official residence (Áras an Uachtaráin) is here along with Deerfield, a beautiful 18th-century property home to the American Ambassador to Ireland.

For those wishing to find out more about the park and its environs, there’s a Visitors Centre located close to a 17th-century tower house, Ashtown Castle.  At the far Castleknock Gate end and on some 78 acres stands stately Farmleigh House dating from the 1800s and purchased by the Irish state from the Guinness family in 1999.

For generations of Dubliners and those coming from abroad, the main draw is Dublin Zoo, which attracts more than one million visitors annually, dates back to 1830, and is the second oldest zoo in Europe. A trip to the zoo is a day out in itself.

Amongst other rare and exotic animals there are: Asian lions, Asian elephants, a Reptile House, an orangutan enclosure, sea lions, tigers, hippos, bats, and penguins. Facilities also include restaurants, kids play areas, and a family farm.

And last, but not least – Have fun like the Irish at Temple Bar

The Temple Bar is quite possibly one of the most iconic bars in all of Dublin, with tourists flocking from all over the world to have a drink inside its famous walls. Although the history of the bar dates back to the early 1300s, it still remains popular to this day due to its famous red exterior, the great location in the heart of the city, as well as being a huge part of Dublin’s central nightlife scene.

At present, The Temple Bar is the most popular bar frequented by young tourists – and even some locals alike – looking to have a glass (or two, or three) of strong Irish whiskey and enjoy a hell of a night.


Benefits of Vitamin E for Frequent Travelers

As a travel blogger, days can get very hectic: 15 hour days coupled with a choc-a-bloc itinerary, we are always on the lookout for healthy supplements that can improve our overall health. Erratic sleeping and food eating patterns are always an issue for us, hence relying on protein bars is not always a healthy option. We were researching some vitamins to keep with us while travelling when we chanced upon..drumroll…Vitamin E.

Vitamin E

If you’re a skin-care enthusiast or fanatic, you must have read about the many benefits of Vitamin E for the skin. It decreases roughness, reduces wrinkles and keeps your skin firm and free from dark spots. This makes it the top vitamin for frequent travellers.

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Solo Travelers Guide to Orlando, Florida

Are you planning to travel solo to Orlando? A great idea, after all, Orlando an amazing vacation destination. However, while travelling on your own and alone can fun and exciting, it can be a bit overwhelming too, especially if you carry limited information. Orlando is a fun-filled city with endless attractions for its visitors. It is a great place to meet people and one can get adventurous and spontaneous.

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Famous tourist places in Andhra Pradesh Which You Must Include On Your Bucket-List

Enriched with rivers, temples and natural resources coupled with the cultural heritage of India add a unique vibe to Andhra Pradesh. There are in numerous places here at Andhra Pradesh which are really alluring and tempting. This is the abode of various attractions with historical legacy, spellbinding culture and what not!  Then come here at Andhra Pradesh that offers you wit amicable people and enjoy its worldwide repute. Apart from all these this country has the longest coastline in the country.

So grab the opportunity to soothe your eye in these delightful charms, have an excursion to the few mentioned tourist places and enjoy a memorable trip to India’s most inspiring state.

#1 – Lepakshi, Anantapur.

Lepakshi proves to be a small and a bit old fashioned town. This very small town attracts fascinating archeologists, calling out for the culture and history of loving enthusiasts. This place is known to be the treasure house of rich culture and historic temples.


The best time to visit Lepakshi is from October to February which you can plan at very affordable rates by using IRCTC Ticket Booking options from any place of India. The Vijayanagara architectural style has its own charm, boosting over the rest. So mentioning few attractions at Lepakshi:

  • A huge statue of Monolithic Nandi carved out of a granite stone casting its spell on the passerby.
  • The Veerabhadra temple is also popular for this sculpture and architectural beauty.
  • The Lepakshi Temple has its own added charm.

#2 – Vishakhapatnam.

Want to spend some time with your loved ones in the middle of beaches, landscapes and man-made wonders at the same time. Then stop thinking for other options, stick to Vishakhapatnam, this is the place for you!


Vizag is also targeted by many due to its cultural past and also having the oldest shipyard in India. This “Jewel of East Coast’s” separates it from the other states. The few attractions which you would not like to miss there:

  • The Submarine Museum showcases various pictures, artifacts and other articles revealing our glorious past.
  • Araku Valley is another offbeat destination with immense natural beauty.
  • Kailasa Giri is another fascinating hill station providing you with striking views of the sea.
  • Rishikonda Beach is another must visit in Andhra Pradesh.
  • Situated at a height of about 705 above the sea level, Borra Caves is considered to the largest cave.


Kurnool is the treasure house of various ancient monuments. Walking through the lanes of the historic city reveals you with the bygone era. The fort ruins and the caves are enough to cast a spell on you. It proves to be the appropriate place for the nature lovers to cherish the desired bliss here. Few attractions to mention are:

  • Rollapadu Wildlife Sanctuary takes you deep into the wild.
  • Belum Caves adorned with intricate patterns of water streams.
  • Don’t miss the Oravakallu Rock Garden which is truly fascinating.
  • Last but not the least Sri Yagantiswamy Temple in Yaganti offers you with an overview of the cultural rich tradition of India.

#4-  Vijayvada, Krishna

This city is well known for the Kanak temple overlooking the city. Hieun Tsang the Chinese pilgrim decided to plan his stay here as he was unable to resist the ethereal allure. Book hotel at affordable rates from budget hotel to 5 star villas in Andhra using Oyo Coupons. Few must visit places of the city are as follows

  • The Undavalli Caves showcases the Indian rock cutting architecture
  • The Kondapalli forts allow you with an overview of the entire valley
  • All above the Bhavani island is a much-awaited destination and relaxing gateways for the weekends.

#5- Tirupati, Chittoor

The Tirumala Venkateswara Swamy Temple, also known as Tirupati is one of the famous temples Of India because of its evoking spiritual feeling among the people. This city is considered as one of the best attracting tourist spots in India,  calling over thousands of people each day.

  • The natural rock amazing garden, the Silathoranam grabs the attention of many people.
  • Akasaganga Teertham, as the name itself, has some immense religious significance.
  • The Chandragiri Fort stands all the above overruling the city.
  • The Swami Pushkarini Lake is considered to be extremely holy owned by Lord Vishnu.

Hope you enjoyed reading about the few mentioned places in Andhra Pradesh that or, the plan makes it different from the other states in India. After knowing about so many interesting places to visit for, it would surely urge one to plan their visit to Andhra Pradesh. So just don’t wait , just make your plan and enjoy your home stay!