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My Secret to Feeling Fresh this Summer!

The Hot Delhi summers leave me feeling sticky & sweaty after a day out. All i dream of  is a nice cool shower! I got myself the best Body Wash to make my shower experience even more better!  After using the Greenery Organic’s Mud Ash Face Care, I’m a fan! All their products are made from 100% natural ingredients which replenish the skin with all the nourishment it needs! Which is why i got two of their new Body Wash.

Product: Indian Rose Body Wash Gel

Price: Rs 445

Product description:

• The Body wash has a fragrant blend of finest Indian Rose Essential Oil which provides deep therapeutic effects. It’s Perfect for humid, dry and sweat riddled Summers. Rose Oil rejuvenates, refreshes, and reignites mind and soul.

• Cleanses the skin, removes dead skin and polluting agents | Nourishes the skin secretly with the goodness of Vitamin E Oil

• This Body wash is also Anti bacterial, Controls Acne, Removes Body Odour & gives a nice Cooling Sensation. It’s also Effective for Skin Cellulite!

What more could you ask from a Body wash? You must buy this if you want your body to have a nice glow & to keep it rejuvenated. I also got another Body wash which has the flavour of Sandalwood & Mint Oil. This one is my absolute favourite, mostly because of the wonderful smelling mint! It’s perfect in summers & gives the whole body a cooling effect.

Price: Rs 445

Product Description:

• It’s a lovely blend of the calming Sandalwood Oil and Peppermint Oil. After only one use, it provided a deep therapeutic effect with cleansing, calming and cooling effect

• This also Cleanses the skin, removes dead skin and polluting agents. The Sandalwood oil naturally cools the body, rejuvenates the mind and relieves tension. It’s 100% PARABEN FREE and a SULPHATE FREE FORMULA

• It also has other properties such as Anti bacterial, Controls ACNE, Removes Body Odour, Cooling Sensation, Effective for Skin Cellulite.

If you’re looking for Organic beauty products, Greenberry Organics is a lovely brand. Experienced, tried & tested! 🙂 


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