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These Are The Top 6 Best Waffles In Delhi

Nutella, banana, whipped cream, even chicken! Whatever be your favorite topping, you can be rest assured of waffles being the perfect comfort food for the soul(Pancakes coming a close second!). Read on to know where you can find some of the best waffles in Delhi!

“We have to remember what’s important in life: friends, waffles, and work. Or waffles, friends, work. But work has to come third.” – Leslie Knope.

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Food & Drinks Quick Bites Trending Posts

Best 4 Chinese Restaurants in Delhi/NCR

A hot, steaming plate of showmen is one of the best comfort foods, isn’t it? Which is why we love Chinese! Momos, thukpas, Hakka noodles & the classic favourite Manchurian; mouth- watering already? Here’s a list of the Best Chinese Restaurants In Delhi that you can visit tonight!

If you’re more of a street food kind of person, check out our list of the best street food places in Delhi!

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Food & Drinks Quick Bites Trending Posts

4 Must Try Street Foods In Delhi!

Delhi is an amalgamation of all the cultures and cuisines of India. All in one place. The city is full of amazing cuisine in all parts of the city. Food from every corner and every part of India can be found in the capital city. We decided to get on a journey to explore the by lanes of Delhi and taste the best Street Food that Delhi can offer. The foods that I decided to try out were the Shawarma Rolls, Momos, Cholle Bhatture, Parathas and Papri Chaats.

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Food & Drinks Quick Bites Trending Posts

Top 5 Bakeries in Town

Think decadent cakes, sumptuous cakes & crunchy macaroons. All your chocolatey desires fulfilled  in one place! We have been here, there & everywhere in search of the best bakeries in town. These are our final 5, the top 5 which serve the best cakes, pastries & baked goods.

1. Wenger’s: The city’s oldest haunt for all things sweet & all things great! Wenger’s has been around since my grandmother’s time & one visit here, you’ll know why it has survived the test of time. You can take your pick from chocolate truffle to rum pastry or their most sought after, Seekh Kebabs! Tip: Go here in the mornings for freshly baked goods, by evening they run out of most of their bestsellers.

2. Theos Cafe & Lounge: Located in Noida, this is one of the best bakeries that we have been to. Right from their decor to their sinfully decadent pastries, it’s delightful! Their Red Velvet Pastry is one of the best we have ever had. It’s creamy with great texture & oodles of flavour. The only downside is that it’s a little heavy on the pocket.

3. Angels in my kitchen: They have many outlets all over Delhi & NCR. They specialise in cakes & some of their bestsellers like Belgian Cake is a good pick. One of our favourites is the Nutty Bar & their Chocolate cake variants. Their breads are also nice. However, their service might be a little slow, so beware.

4. Maxim’s: This bakery is situated in Kailash Colony, South Delhi. It’s very near my college (LSR), which why i have spent many evenings here gorging on those relish cakes & sumptuous foot longs in between classes. They make fresh stuff every morning & the best part is that it’s very economical. Maxim’s has been around for quite some time & has stood the test of time.

5. Sweet Obsession: The name says it all! Everyone who is obsessed with sweets, must come here! We are so in love with their Belgian Chocolate Thick shake, it’s thick, full of dark, gooey Belgian chocolate & just decadent. The range of treats here are so many & every single thing that we have tried has always exceeded our expectations. Right from the presentation, taste & the decor; everything is just perfect.