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Exploring Bhutan: The Land of Happiness

Getting There

Think lush green valleys, Tibetan flags blowing in the wind, bright blue sky & people walking in their traditional clothes, Gho & Kera. Yes, I’m talking about Bhutan, Land of the Thunder Dragons. Bhutan is mystical & truly other worldly. The only country in the world which measures itself in Gross National Happiness. It’s a big idea for a tiny state & they implement this idea fully.

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Bhutan Travel Trending Posts

Bhutan- The Land of Happiness

cropped-img_5808Back in June, 2014 I visited Bhutan. Though very near to India, it’s strangely unlike India in all the good ways. It’s clean, less populated, people are genuinely nice to tourists and the sky has just the tinge of blue which makes you want to stare at it forever.

I knew it would be a trip to remember as soon as I got down from DrukAir, Bhutan’s only flight. It was a small but one of the most beautiful plane rides. I got to see the whole Himalayan range and most importantly Mt. Everest. First time I spotted it through my tiny window, I couldn’t believe it. The sheer grandeur and massiveness of the Everest takes your breathe away. It also makes you wonder, how can humans climb this! We flew way up in the sky to catch a glimpse of the peak. And to think people make effort to climb that huge mountain is scary to say the least. It also reminded me, how human strength and mind can work to achieve the most impossible things!

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