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#CelebratingSuper in Delhi/NCR!

This Diwali, with the ban of crackers & an effort to being more environmentally friendly, Vodafone has taken many initiatives to make Delhi into a smart city &a better city. From their “Green Diwali campaign to multiple other initiatives over the years ,Vodafone, Celebrating Super, made sure that Delhi remains green, clean & connected to each other!

The most important initiative taken to enable Delhi/NCR live a super life is to ban the sale of crackers this Diwali. In an effort to transform the city, the government took this massive step to curb the air pollution. Since the past few years, th pollution has reached alarming hieghts, which has affected the entire city. New air-borne diseases, loss in vision on the streets due to smog, hence forth a rise in road accidents; the smog had got the entire Delhi choking last year. Thankfully, this year there is less pollution & the entire city can celebrate Diwali smoke-free & happily!

The first most amazing initiative is the “Green Diwali Campaign” a part of the Celebrating Super campaign to delight its customers this Diwali. Green Diwali is a part of the “Celebrating Super” campaign, where Vodafone will distribute “Super Crackers”. Don’t worry, these aren’t real crackers! (They are banned we know) These are futuristic E-phuljharis or Virtual Phuljaris!

These “Super Crackers” contain eco-friendly water soluble papers that carry different variety of plant seeds with air-purifying characteristics.  While the  E-phuljhari is a unique GIF greeting card that can be sent to your loved ones through social media. These eco-friendly crackers will be available at all Vodafone stores giving customers the opportunity to celebrate Green Diwali! This innovative idea is to bring about a positive change in the environment. Vodafone has even started some initiatives like air-purifying bus shelters! Truly unique. Here people can wait in a pure environment while they wait for the bus. Vodafone has also created a new Wif-fi enabled bus shelter in Gurgoan to take a step towards digitizing Delhi/NCR.  The free wi-fi can be used to 20 minutes. Isn’t it the best bus shelter ever!

Apart from the Vodafone Celebrating Super campaign, it is also a huge part of digitally connecting Delhi/NCR with Free Wi-fi zones. There are more than 120 hotspots across Delhi NCR which are Wi-fi enabled because of Vodafone’s initiative. Some of them are DLF Mall of India, Fortis Hospital, Delhi Haat, Khan Market, Airport, etc

To check out more such Celebrating Super initiatives log on to:  https://www.vodafone.in/home-delhi


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