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How To Save Money For Travel

Travelling is possibly the best form of therapy there is. But unfortunately, it’s also a demanding on the pocket. Here are some ways to save money for travel. If this is what is keeping you from exploring the world, read on for some creative (and easy!) ways to save money for travel.

  1. Plan the trip a year in advance, so that air bookings, hotel bookings are cheaper. So saving for this trip should begin 2 years before!
  2. Open a separate savings account just meant for the travel and the holiday. Once  you do this, you will automatically focus on increasing the amount you are able to put into this account.
  3. Opt for phone plans that include unlimited texting with free incoming calls
  4. Live with others so you can split rent and utilities.
  5. Join up internships and online part time paid programs (there are several available!) that will build up your kitty.
  6. Reduce your outdoor dining. When cravings overpower, go for the chaat, momos and other affordable street grub! This is a tough one but a great way to save money for travel!save money for travel
  7. Reduce impulse purchases-mark in your calendar, the Marks and spencer or H&M sale that comes up –do your shopping ONLY then.
  8. Walk, or use the metro. Buy a season pass for metro. Reduce your Uber rides.
  9. Always check out if student discounts, or any other discounts applicable, are available and use them- be it travel, eating or shopping. Easy-peasy way to save money for travel.
  10. When planning a party, avoid ordering food. Plan a potluck party with friends. Home cooked meals taste the best, and it is so much fun too!save money for travel
  11. Sell your old stuff online—this is an easy way to make some quick bucks, and also to clear up your clutter.
  12. Scan your notes instead of photocopying. Thousands of rupees are spent on the photocopiers shop. Trust me you will save loads and save money for travel here!
  13. Start drinking water. Avoid colas. It’s free and better for you, anyway.
  14. Buy instant coffee powder. Make your own coffee. Reduce your Starbucks time (it’s always more special when it’s rare!)
  15. Search up free online courses instead of enrolling into expensive classes.
  16. Stop being a snob- avoid brands-head out to Sarojini Nagar or Janpath, or your nearest thrift store, and buy rip-offs, that often turn out to be pretty good! 

There’s tons of ways to save some precious bucks that can translate into a fantastic vacation! So, start saving money for travel now!

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