Customizing Your Ride: Top 10 Motorcycle Mods and Upgrades to Choose From

Owning a motorcycle should always be satisfying and enjoyable. That is even more true of a ride that has been customized to suit you even better. Read through this list of the ten best motorcycle mods and upgrades, and you will see that there are plenty of options worth considering.

1. A New Exhaust

One of the most exciting things about riding any motorcycle is hearing the noise it makes. Factory-stock exhausts, though, tend to limit the beautiful music.
A number of the most popular options from cleanharleys.com are exhausted that let motorcycles roar, often while improving performance. Adding an upgraded exhaust is such an obvious move that almost every biker will contemplate it eventually.

2. Sliders

Even safety-conscious, responsible riders can expect to crash at some point. When that happens, a bike’s frame can easily sustain huge amounts of ugly damage.
Just as you would never consider riding without appropriate gear, so should your motorcycle always be protected. Installing inexpensive frame sliders will protect your motorcycle in the event that you are forced to lay it down.

3. LED Lights

Being highly visible is one of the best ways to stay safe from drivers of four-wheeled vehicles. LED light kits make it easy to outfit motorcycles with unmissable amounts of illumination. Better yet, most LED kits look great, and some can even be programmed to stand out even more.

4. Upgraded Grips

Your hands keep your bike under control just as much as your feet do. Upgrade your motorcycle’s grips and issues like vibration will trouble you a lot less. As some of the least expensive motorcycle upgrades of all, aftermarket grips produce impressive returns on investment.

5. An Aftermarket Windscreen

Even a great-looking motorcycle can almost always be improved with the addition of a custom windscreen. There is no easier way to make your ride look sleeker, more aggressive, or more refined. Adding a new windscreen is also easy to do and will often improve visibility.

6. Stickier Tires

Keeping your bike firmly planted on the ground ensures a great time. The tires motorcycles ship with tend to prioritize longevity above performance. Tires that grip the asphalt better will make any motorcycle more fun to ride.
7. Flush-Mounted Lights and Turn Signals
Factory-stock lights tend to stick out and interrupt the lines of motorcycles. Kits that replace such warts with low-profile alternatives produce impressive results. Flush-mounted lights and turn signals can function even better than the originals, while also looking a lot better.

8. A Battery Tender

Many motorcycles owners do not get to ride nearly as often as they would like. Climbing aboard your bike only to find that the battery has died is always disappointing. Buy a battery tender and a gentle trickle of electricity will keep your motorcycle ready to start up.

9. Swingarm Spools

A bike’s swingarm can be just as vulnerable to accident-induced damage as its frame. Swingarm spools are inexpensive and easy to install but add welcome protection.

10. Freer-Flowing Air Filters

Let your motorcycle breathe more freely, and it will repay you with improved performance. Inexpensive filters allow air-loving engines to take bigger gulps with every stroke.

Many More Mods and Upgrades to Consider

While these are ten of the motorcycle upgrades that are most worth considering, there are plenty of others to look into. An upgraded motorcycle will always be more fun to own and ride than one that remains in stock form.

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