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Work Out of These Super Cool Cafes in Delhi, Virtually For Free!

As bloggers & entrepreneurs we are always on the move & looking for chilled out places to work out of. I just found the most perfect co-working spaces ever. MyHQ is a new entrant & they have partnered with many cafes across Delhi/NCR where you can work out of their cafes & pay virtually no free. For one day, you pay only Rs 299 & out of that Rs 200 is usable for food! Yes!! Unbelievable, no?

FREE F&B Coupons with your subscription

MyHQ has come up with many plans that can be suited for everyone & anyone. Now you no longer need to spend a bomb on cafes just to work out of there & neither do you need expensive office spaces! They have curated co- working spaces inside amazing cafes with redeemable F&B plans! I worked out of Mother India Cafe recently, the MyHQ space is on the first floor where there are desks, free wifi & free stationary. You can sit here work, network & have yum food from the cafe from the same F&B coupons which you got! And trust me their food is amazing.

They have many partnerships with some amazing cafes like MTV FLYP, Beer Cafe, TC, Parallel & many more!! Check it out: http://myhq.in/coworking-space

Another great thing is that you can choose to work out of any cafe once you sign up with them! Just download the MyHQ app & book co- working spaces on the go!! Find out more: http://myhq.in/

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