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A Guide To Hampta Pass Trek

A vacation can be of all sorts. It can either be a luxurious pampering or an impromptu road trip to an unexplored town. But which is the best kind? An escapade in nature- Hampta Pass trek. In the age of social media, spending some days in the nature without internet sounds like a real detox.  The fine smell of the damp earth, the lullaby of birds, and a bed beneath the stars. The combination of all these things have an instinctive calming effect to a human being. 

Where do you find all these things? On Hampta Pass Trek.

Hampta Pass is a high-altitude trek (14,200 ft) which begins at Jobra, few kilometers from Manali. The trek has been entitled as a passage between two astounding yet contrasting valleys- Kullu and Spiti. The trek abounds with charm, allure, and adventure.

Here are Top 5 reasons why Hampta Pass Trek is your perfect digital detox:

The crystal blue Chandratal Lake

As the name suggests, the high alpine lake is in the form of crescent shaped moon. When you reach at lake after trekking for four long days through forests and meadows, the sheer beauty of the lake feels like a rewarding sight. Spend few hours by the lake and you will forget all your fatigue. There is also an interesting anecdote related to the history of lake. Don’t forget to ask the locals around.

hampta pass trek

Dramatic Change in scenery

If warp zone exists in reality, it is definitely at Hampta Pass if you ignore the trek part. LOL! The crossover moment is magical. You begin from lush green forests of Kullu Valley and arrive at barren landscapes of Spiti Valley. The shift in the scenery is so dramatic you will be gaping wide in amazement. When you cross the pass at an altitude of 14,000 ft, your heart will be inundated with mainly two emotions, happy and amazed. It is literally a bridge between the two drastic landscapes. While Kullu is all about pine and coniferous trees, Spiti Valley is about brown, nude mountains staring at you in aplomb.

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Alternate Route to Spiti

There is no better way to reach Spiti Valley. Spiti Valley attracts lots of tourists. Many of them prefer road trips, few of the budget travelers take the bus. But if I have to go to Spiti, I will without a thought take this route. Manali is easily accessible through road and air transport. If I trek from Jobra, Manali and all the way to Spiti, I not only get a relief from back breaking journey but also spend all my time amidst the nature than sitting in a car or bus. What do you choose – journey on rolling camps or journey by road?

The alluring campsites

People have dedicated terms like heaven, Dreamland, eternal home to the campsites of Shea Goru and Balu ka Gera. And they are all justified. The campsites blooms with flowers of variegated color as they have laid a carpet to welcome you. The river streams you cross on the way are gushing with cold water adding an element of adrenaline rush. Once you have camper beneath the stars at night, you would start calling this trek your home.

hampta pass trek

Hampta Pass trek – Perfect option for beginners:

People are often skeptical of getting into the wild because of the challenges it brings. But Hampta Pass is a great balance between being fun and challenging. It is not some daredevil adventure but a peaceful getaway from all the hustle bustle of city. After 4 days in the wilderness of Hampta Pass Trek, you will only come for more.

Hampta pass trek

Told ya!

An escapade to Hampta Pass Trek is one of the best vacations you can have. The best time to do this trek is during June-September. I heard there are many long weekends this year. Here is one sorted for you.

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