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How To Pack A Suitcase Under 30 Minutes!


Ever come back from work, exhausted over the week’s work? Ever wanted to just leave the city for the weekend, and escape on an unplanned getaway? For all those who cannot figure out how to compress the long hours spent packing,  for an impromptu vacay, read on. No more packing jitters. Here’s how you can pack a suitcase in under 30 minutes!

1) Pack your Backpack first!

Depending on the duration of the trip, take out a suitcase and a hand bag or backpack.  Pack your hand bag/backpack first! Your folder containing:
> Air or train tickets,

> Passport,

> Valid identification card.


2) Next, move to the essential electronics:

> Phone


> iPad

>Power bank, Their respective chargers,

>Your wallet. (Be sure to have sufficient cash in there!)

3) Bathroom essentials come next.

> Make up,
> Accessories, like scarves, towel, spare undies, spare top, extra sweater, extra trouser (trust us, these are most important. In the unfortunate case of a losing your checked-in baggage, you should be able to survive for a day with these, till they locate it!) 
This should take you under 15 minutes.

4) Pack you garments


Following that, quickly gather all the garments you think you may need on your trip depending on the place and weather there. Remember to double-duty your garments, (like yoga pants that moonlight as breakfast pajamas, to hit the gym and work well for casual walks!)  Pick bulkier items like jeans and heavy sweaters or an overcoat to wear on the plane or in the car so they don’t take up precious luggage space. Remember, jeans are rugged. Just carry the one, or two, maximum, for a trip of upto 2 weeks.  Tightly roll softer, wrinkle-resistant clothes like wraps, stoles, cotton pants, etc.  Finally, cover up with ironed clothes if available, top it over with long folded skirts or shirts.


5) Go Over the Important things

This should happen in the next 10 minutes. Also, see the things you want for the airport, pack the necessities for airport separately. Spend the last 5 giving a once over:
1. Tickets,
2. Electronics,
3. Chargers,
4. Cash,
5. ID,
6. Toiletries,
7. Undies, and
8. The rest of your clothes.

Your cab has arrived. You’re good to go! So go on, hop on to the next flight out, drive to the nearby hill station for the weekend, the world is yours to explore!

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