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An innovative Gift Remembering “Jab We Met” by InstaMosaicStudio

Insta Mosaic

It’s easy these days to gift anything you want to your special someone, but gifts are remembered when they are personal and creative. Thanks to InstaMosaicStudio I was able to gift Harry something special just to remind him how special he is to me. 2019 marks 10 years of us knowing each other and I wanted to commemorate that.

The lovely folks at InstaMosaicStudio helped me create the most memorable gift I could ever have thought of. They have a lovely collection of frames which you can personalise in the most innovative style. Since I wanted us to actually remember when we first met, I found their “Jab We Met” frame to be ideal to what I wanted.  So – how do you make personalised frames on their website?

You can first login to the InstaMosaicStudio website https://www.instamosaicstudio.in/ and choose what kind of frame do you want. They have many options even in their “Jab We Met” category. After choosing the same, you can then choose from the map the exact place you met and then choose the date. Then you can choose a nice photo of you both that signifies your love and makes you smile! and that’s it.

They will then connect with you on Whatsapp to show you how the frame will actually look – if you don’t like the photo you chose, you can even change that. Then after you’re satisfied they will deliver your frame to your loved one.

You can pay online or via COD as well. Whatever suits you best. Here’s how the package arrived to me:




The Story of Jab We Met

Now – in case you’re curious. Let me take you down memory lane and tell you how we met. The map in the poster actually shows GK II market in Delhi. If you’re a Delhiite, you know what a hot spot that place was and still is for college students to hang out. My college, Lady Shri Ram for Women, was actually just right opposite the market and that’s also the place where we met!

As cliche as it sounds, we kind of knew that we were going to be together a long time when we met the first time. Even though on our first meeting we were both incredibly nervous and awkward. Haha! As it is when teenagers date, but much has changed since then – a lot also hasn’t 🙂

The Jab We Met frame is actually a perfect anniversary gift that couples can gift to one another. Not only does it look superb as a wall hanging, but also reminds you of some sweet memories you had together.

Tell me in the comments section if you liked our story and if you want to know more. Maybe I can write another post about it. 

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