It’s Not Just A Car, It’s An Experience #BrilliantMoments

Recently we got to experience the brand new Hyundai Creta. The beautiful interiors, the sunroof, in-built GPS and comfy seats made for a lovely ride to Rajasthan. We decided to visit the beautiful fort of Tijara in Rajasthan. A place as royal as the ride we were in.

Our journey was made more magnificent by the rain falling on our sunroof, the lovely songs blaring through the Infotainment system. The Cruise control is also a great feature which helps the driver of the car enjoy long rides with less effort. Perfect for long drives and #BrilliantMoments! Plus the 6 way power driving seat, makes sure that driving is made super comfortable and there’s no back pain regardless of the traffic.

Needless to say, we had to pose with our beautiful car to capture our #Brilliantmoments all throughout the journey. https://www.brilliantmoments.in/

Our 3 hour ride to Rajasthan was comfortable, fun and classy; thanks to the amazing features of the beautiful Creta.

Hyundai leaves no stone unturned to provide the best of the best to all its consumers. Whether we talk about service, facilities, car handling, buying experience and a lifetime of happiness. As a customer of Hyundai since many years, I can vouch on this statement fully!

If you’re looking to buy a new SUV, don’t look further than the Hyundai Creta.

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