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Best Places for a New Year Vacation in India

We all know what happens as we move towards the end of another year, we start looking for the best places for new year holiday in India. The questions begin: “What are you doing for New Year’s this year?” If you’re looking for places for new year holiday in India, don’t fret, we’ve got you covered.  Here are some of the best places for new year holiday in India!


Think party, think Goa! Just one word to describe the new year holiday experience here- electrifying! There are ceaseless fireworks, crazy celebrations and gigs happening throughout this teeny tiny state during this time of the year. Scintillating beach parties, pulsating casino nights, gigs galore- – Goa is a hotbed of everything sizzling. The city is all decked up- the churches, the streets, the shops are all gorgeously lit, and must be on top of your list of places for new year holiday in India!

places for new year holiday in India

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Plenty of hotels and resorts arrange bonfire beach parties. Go in large groups, people! It makes it affordable and loads of fun. Head out to  lavish party experiences at Cabana, Teso, Hilltop, and SinQ. Club 9, Tito’s, LPK Waterfront, and Club Westend  are other popular options. Want a Las Vegas feel to your new year celebrations? Then Clu Casino Pride or Deltin Royale Casino is where you need to be! If a tranquil seaside retreat away from chaos is your thing, South Goa is your best bet. Sit on the sands, and enjoy stunning sea views from the lovely private beaches spread across southern Goa.


Tosh, is hidden gem of a place amongst tall pine forests alongside the Parvati river. Located at a height of nearly 8000 feet, it provides surreal views of the wonderful Pin Parvati Pass. The Tosh experience offers an insight into nature at its unbridled and whimsical best, in the dreamiest avatar! Experience chilling nights under the magnificent star-lit sky with the snow-capped Himalayan peaks for company. Tosh is absolutely quaint, is very popular for the backpackers from Israel, UK and Italy, and is most definitely one of the most ideal places for new year holiday in India. The temperature in Tosh during end December would be anywhere between -4 to -7 degrees. It also usually snows in first week of January.

places for new year holiday in India

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Many holiday camps in and around Tosh offer New Year celebration in the evening, with bonfires, music and dinner.  As a place for a New Year holiday, it is a one of a kind celebration for the adventurers out there! As you trek onwards on the famous hippie trail in the lap of the of mighty Himalayas, you would embark on a journey like no other. Begin your 2018 completely rejuvenated and refreshed.


The beach-side parties are the main attraction of Pondicherry at the New Year’s holiday, making this place one of the best known new year destinations in India, after Goa. It is bonfires galore at the beaches! Massive crowds, mostly youngsters and foreigners, dancing to pulsating music at the beach and on the streets alike make the holiday experience at Pondicherry like none other

places for new year holiday in India

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The Rock Beach new year holiday experience-. Lots of concerts, lovely music- a very carnival experience-by the side of the sea and all of it for free!  This place is thronged by tourists, local folks, Aurovillites, and students of course .There are good hotels in Rock beach, you can head out there for a nice buffet during the carnival experience.

Plenty of other options from private beach resorts too-Other places like the , Ashok Beach Resort, Ocean’s Spray, The Promenade, Shenbaga, Accord, have lovely private parties! You can enjoy quality time here with your partner.


For the lovers of beach is a lesser known, less crowded than the beaches of Goa and so much cheaper, is one of the most wonderful places for new year holiday in India: Gokarna. This is a small temple town on the coast of Karnataka . The place attracts a lot of foreigners descending here to soak up the sun.  There are several beaches all around a 20-minute hike away from each other through the hills and over rocks, or a short boat ride away! Be adventurous! Climb up and down the mountains, beachside rocks, take a boat-ride in the Aghanashini river to the fishing town and navigate your way from one beach to another, enjoying lip-smacking local food like Prawn Masala, Pomfret, Kingfish, fresh pineapple juice and Nutella pancakes ( here’s where to find them in Delhi)

places for new year holiday in India

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With English, Russian, and Spanish varieties of cuisine available, have your new year holiday experience with  sumptuous food and chilled beer at Kudle beach. Om beach is lined with shacks on the sides offering cheap accommodation and restaurants with exotic menus. Also, there is plenty of fun water sports too like speed boats and surfing on this beach Namaste Cafe is a popular one.

With this list of places for new year holiday in India, there’s no reason to wait! You’ll meet a lot of people, make new friends, exchange extraordinary life stories and have long conversations over chilled beer and tranquil waves for company. Begin this New Year with good vibes and amazing memories!

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