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Places You Should Not Miss While Doing The Spiti Valley Road Trip

The rugged cold desert, often known as “Little Tibet” is awe-inspiring to say the least. Snow-laden mountains and deep valleys along with a sprawling view of the Himalayas; Spiti Valley is magic. When you decide to do the Road Trip to Spiti Valley, do try to go beyond the usual spots. Of course the vibrant monasteries and hamlets will take your breath away, but once you recover from that beauty, do see these spots as well on your Spiti valley road trip :

1. Key Monastery:

One of the most spectacular monasteries in Spiti, the Key monastery is located in Kaza region. It overlooks the Spiti river and is a sight to behold! Key Monastery is one of the biggest gompas known for the stunning Buddha shrine. The monastery is huge and has a fort like structure and a gorgeous assembly hall. When doing the Spiti valley road trip, definitely visit the Key Monastery.

Spiti valley road trip

2. Chandratal Lake:

This lake will take your breath away. Surrounded by barren hills, this crescent shaped- lake is one of the most beautiful in Spiti. Chandratal, literally translates to the name “Moon-lake” This lake is located at a distance of 7-8 km from Kunzum pass. It is a major attraction for tourists and photographers. The crystal blue water surrounded by lush greenery is sure to leave you awestruck.

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3.Kunzum Pass:

This high mountain pass is situated on the eastern Kunzum range. At 4590 m, this pass connects Kullu and Lahaul valley with Spiti valley. The region offers a jaw dropping vistas of Chandrabhaga Range. You can reach here by trekking from the beautiful Chandratal lake. The lovely Buddhist flags flying in the wind, add to the beauty of this place. The views from here are worth the trek too!

Spiti valley road trip

4. Suraj Tal Lake:

This is the third highest lake in India. So be prepared to see one of the most photogenic lakes you have ever seen. Located close to Baralacha Pass, this spectacular lake is frequented mostly by nature lovers, ardent trekkers, and photographers. The perfect time to visit this place is during summers. If you’re into photography, do carry all your gear as this could be one of your most dreamt about places to click! 

5. Pin Valley National Park:

This park is located amidst semi-frozen rivers and is home to rare species of famous Himalayan road leopards as well. This rich bio reserve is home to many endangered flora and fauna. The Park’s sprawling reserve is home to snow leopards, snowcocks, chukar partridges, and Siberian ibex. If you’re an adventure lover or a nature enthusiast, this park is perfect for you to explore. Not only will the backdrop of stunning mountain ranges astound you, but the lovely birds and animals you will see will be one of a kind. 

6. Dhankar Monastery:

Situated on a high cliff, the monastery seems to be perched on a scary hill. Situated on a  cliff between Kaza and Tabo, there’s an amazing view of the valley and river from here. This Monastery has a statue of ‘Vairocharan’ displaying four statues of Buddha seated in the 4 directions. You won’t regret visiting this monastery, thanks to the amazing views you will see from above.

Spiti valley road trip

7. Kibber:

This beautiful little hamlet in the hills will surely enrapture your heart. Frequented by adventure enthusiasts and photographers, this is one of the most daunting treks to undertake. Kibber is a small village located at 4205 m that has its own monastery and Gompa, and offers breathtaking view of the surroundings. This is termed as one of the highest villages in the world! So, if you come here you can cross that off your bucket list. The folks here are very welcoming and you can spend a day at one of the rest houses here too, as a rest to Spiti valley road trip.

8. Losar:

This place is high on everyone’s list when they are in Spiti. It is located right next to the Indo-Chinese border at the confluence of Losar and Peeno streams. Definitely one of the most pristine villages there is in Spiti. You must surely visit this to experience true Spiti. However, don’t expect hotels and a comfortable stay here. This place is largely a village only.  Visit Losar for its spectacular views, sparkling rivers and lakes and waterfalls.

These are some of the best places to visit in Spiti Valley. From stunning lakes, pristine villages like Losar and even National park which have endangered flora and fauna, Spiti has a lot to offer to tourists. However, in such a lovely place responsible tourism is important. Make sure you don’t litter such heavenly places, to keep the beauty of this lovely place intact. Do you think we have missed out any place? Do let us know in comments! The Spiti valley road trip is definitely a must-do!

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