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A Real Life Escape Game Experience at this Place In Delhi

Imagine trying to escape from the spooky Bhangarh fort, where the devil may catch you if you don’t! Solving real clues and unlocking locks through the clues given, experience a one of a kind game in Mystery Rooms. Mystery rooms in Delhi/NCR offers such real life escape game experiences. Experience adrenaline rush like Never before!

This is a place where you are against the clock to unlock some very exciting mysteries, weather it is to find the Kohinoor or escape from Bhangarh fort! Imagine being locked in a place where the only way you can move forward is to solve clues! Use your logic, solve puzzles and find clues to pave your path to freedom. All the clues are right in front of you, all you have to do is use your logic and intelligence to break free.

escape game

We played the Kohinoor game where we unlocked laser lights, used maps to solve clues and find the brilliant Kohinoor. We were a gang of thieves who had to take the Kohinoor and escape the place in time.

How To Play

You and your teammates will be locked inside the room after giving general instructions about the game. The clock starts ticking and you will have one hour to solve all the clues and escape! You will need to solve codes, crack puzzles and unravel the mystery. This involves great teamwork and everyone must be creative in order to solve the mystery. After escaping from one room you will be going to another which will look normal, but will be filled with clues! You need to be smart to put all the elements together and hit the bulls eye. It’s all about paying attention to detail!

escape game

There are many Mystery Rooms in Delhi and Gurgaon. You can take the Bomb Defuse challenge, Abduction challenge, Cabin in the woods and many more exciting games to enthral your senses! Book now: http://www.mysteryrooms.in/delhi/

escape game

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