A 7 days Thailand Travel Guide for Couples Travelling from India!

When it comes to unwinding at the exotic locales of Southeast Asia, there can be few compared to the country of Thailand. Southeast Asia has always been an attraction for backpackers around the world, with Thailand being its most visited region. With its pristine beaches, dense jungles, rich culture and food, it has a lot to offer to travellers. And, the best part about a 7-day trip to Thailand – it does not burn a hole in your pocket!

Through this travel guide, we will tell you about what to see (or avoid), the cost of commodities, what to eat and where to stay, we will attempt at putting down everything to the last detail.

So, without any further hum and haw, let us get down to business!

First things first – did you get your visa?

Since Thailand is one of the most travelled-to destinations from India, acquiring a visa for your travels will be a cakewalk. There are two types of visa that you can avail if you are travelling to Thailand – visa before you travel or a visa on arrival.

Thousands of sky lanterns were released into the night sky during the festival of light celebration in Chiang Mai, Thailand.

The visa on arrival facility is beneficial if you plan to stay in the country for not more than 15 days. It can be availed from various international airports in Thailand like the Phuket International Airport, Samui Airport, Don Muang Airport, etc. and will cost you 2,000 baht (Rs. 4,700 approximately). If you need more information about Thailand Visa, check this Visa guide about Thailand Visa for Indians.

Further, make sure you keep the following documents handy –

  • Passport.
  • Airline boarding pass.
  • Visa application form.
  • Photograph.
  • Arrival-departure card.
  • 20,000 baht (THB) or $500.

The visa before you travel is applicable only if you plan on staying for more than 30 days in the country, thus making it redundant in this case.

Know the currency exchange rate and set your budget!

Currently, the currency rate for 1 Thai baht = Rs. 2.35.

When we break down the estimated expenses for a trip to Thailand, you will find that travelling to the country is quite reasonable when it comes to expenses.

For instance, the airfare to Thailand can range from somewhere around Rs. 10,000 to Rs. 17,000, depending on where you are travelling from.

Suitable accommodations in cities like Bangkok, Chiang Mai, good guesthouses can be found at a range between Rs. 700 to Rs. 1,200 per night. But if you are looking for hotels, it will cost you around Rs. 2,000 – Rs. 3,000 for each night.

Next, when it comes to food, street food in Thailand costs as less as 20 THB. You can easily have a filling meal if you spend about 30-50 THB. This will amount to Rs. 200 – Rs. 400.

So going by the current exchange rate, your daily expense in Thailand can be pegged at Rs. 15,000 to Rs. 20,000.

Places you must absolutely visit in the country

  1. Visit the Grand Palace at Wat Pho – the 18th-century royal palace surrounded by numerous temples.
  2. Spend a day nestled with nature at the Khao Sok National Park.
  3. History buff? Do not forego a trip to the three ancient capitals of Thailand – Lopburi, Sukhothai and Ayutthaya.
  4. Unwind on the numerous tropical islands like Ko Samet, Ko Chang, Ko Jum, Ko Tao, etc. around the country.
  5. Go scuba diving at the Similan Islands.
  6. Take the boat to the Golden Triangle, marked by the confluence of the Rivers Mekong and Ruak.
  7. Shop at the floating markets of Damnoen Saduak or the Taling Chan Weekend Floating market.

Can’t finish a travel guide without talking about food, can we?

Following are a few cheap and delicious meals you must absolutely not miss –

  1. Pad thai.
  2. Pad krapow moo saap – a dish prepared with pork and fried basil.
  3. Larb – a delicacy prepared from minced meat.
  4. The famous Thai red curry or Gaeng Daeng.
  5. Khao Soi – a curry-based noodle soup.
  6. Mango sticky rice – one of the more popular snacks and dessert in the country.

Don’t forget to get your travel insurance!

While we understand your excitement about your trip to Thailand, you must not forget about one of the essentials of the trip – travel insurance.

From medical emergencies to lost baggage, ticket cancellations to a thousand other liabilities, these incidents can hamper even the most carefully chalked out travel plans. A travel insurance policy acts as a safeguard to reduce your financial liabilities under such circumstances.

It helps you to safeguard yourself financially against –

  1. Loss or theft of baggage.
  2. Emergency medical expenses including hospitalisation.
  3. Accidental treatment and evacuation.
  4. Travel scams.
  5. Loss of important belongings like phone, licenses, passport, bank cards, etc.

Further, they also help you avail emergency cash in case the need arises. You can choose to avail a basic travel insurance policy, which usually covers common mishaps during trips, or opt for the more comprehensive option according to your needs.

So, with this travel guide at your disposal, all that you need to do is make the bookings, pack your bags and take off!

Happy journey!

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