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Top 5 Gaming Arcades in Delhi You Need To Check Out Now!

Gaming is fast becoming a much loved source of entertainment. Delhi has now become a hot-spot for all kinds of gaming like Laser Tag, Mystery rooms, Sky Karting & many more games that are innovative & loads of fun!! Here are a few gaming centres that you must certainly try. 

  1. SMAASH- Noida Bar Exchange: This is by far the best entertainment & gaming centre I have ever been to. If you want to party the night away with some amazing drinks from the Noida Bar Exchange and play some smashing games like Virtual cricket, VR roller coaster, Twilight bowling; this is the best place in Delhi! Not only are the drinks super cheap, but the food is also amazing. The Chef & manager here take special care to give you the best experience! Know more: https://smaaash.in/Noida

2. Oh My Game: A new entrant in the market, OMG brings Laser Tag to Delhi! They have such an amazing arcade where you can play Laser Tag. The gaming centre boasts of some real state of the art technology & cutting- edge laser tag & equipments. They even have some interesting games like Bubble Football. Bubble Football is the fun recreation of the original football game which entraps you into a zorb like bubble covering your upper body and head. Find out more here: https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=269204140119339

3. Mystery Rooms Gurgaon: A fantastic mobile game-like experience where you have to escape from the rooms with the help of clues & teamwork. There are different situations like a night in Bhangarh or revenge of the past; where you have to pay special attention to the clues & try to escape the room or you’re stuck! Know more: http://www.mysteryrooms.in/gurgaon/

4. SMAASH- Pitstop Gurgaon: Located on the Appu Ghar road in Gurgaon, this is very obviously built like a Pitstop. The main attraction here is Sky Karting, different from Go Karting; this is built on a bigger arena where there are slopes as well. They also have Foosball & Pool table. The Pitstop bar has extremely affordable beer as low as Rs 90! Know more: https://smaaash.in/Gurgaon%20-%20Cyber%20Hub

Expand your horizons, have an entertainment filled night with these games!

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