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How to Become a Travel Blogger

travel blogger in India

This is a question that many people have asked me, is How To Become A travel blogger in India- and I wish I had written this post sooner.  However, I have to admit that I’m still learning and evolving. But whatever knowledge I have gained the past year, I will be sharing all that with you in this post.

So, how do you become a travel blogger?

The first most important and the most obvious step is to…can you guess? Yes, start a blog! Most of the successful travel bloggers in India that you see, one of my favourite, Bruised Passports for example, they have worked for it.

Although it seems like all fun, nice trips around the world, sponsored trips at hotels; but let me remind you getting all of that takes some serious work. Even I take my laptop everywhere with me when I travel.

Apart from clicking the nice photos, it’s a part of the work to meticulously edit them, write about your journey and complete all the other commitments that you have; work never stops!


travel blogger in India

Step 1: Thing of a blog name

This took a lot of time for me. But remember to take this part seriously as this name is going to stick with you as a travel blogger all your life. So, be sure that it’s something that defines you and your brand.

Yes, I say brand because becoming a successful travel blogger is nothing short of creating a brand for yourself.

Before you go any further with the name though, make sure that it’s available and not taken up by anyone else! http://www.checkdomain.com/

Step 2: Buy your domain

Of course you can go to WordPress and start with a free site and buy a domain later. But in order to be considered a professional travel blogger in India, I will urge you to buy a domain. Also, be rest assured that starting a travel blog will take some amount of investment. Be it domain or photography gear or just travelling! (A lot of our travelling is self funded too)

Travel Blogger In India

Make sure that you invest in your brand and work for it and one day it will start reaping benefits like you want! In the era of communication and social media (My social media is here) , how you convey your brand and yourself matters A LOT!

Step 3: Be prepared for hard work

A lot of people ask me, how to become a money making travel blogger in India? It’s a tough nut to crack.

Like i explained earlier, make sure you start your travel blog for the right reasons.

For me, I never started to make money out of it. I started because I love writing and my jobs just weren’t giving me enough avenue to express myself, which is why i quit my job and started this (more about me here)

If you start with the aim to get money and fame out of it, then you will never be passionate about the art of writing or lust for travelling. It’s okay to expect some amount of fame and gain after you have really worked on your travel blog, but not the other way around.

Step 4: Write, blog and keep writing

The only way to succeed and becoming a pro at becoming a travel blogger in India is to keep writing! A lot of times, people lose the will to write or they are not regular with their writing. Persistence is the key to becoming a successful travel blogger in India!

travel blogger in India

I have written as many as three blogs per day as well! Your passion should drive you to keep at it for the longest time till you make it.

How did you like the article? If you have any more questions about travel blogging, just post it in the comments section and i might even write a post on it to answer your question!

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