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A Girl’s Guide To Traveling Solo In India

traveling solo in India

Quoting Saint Augustine, “The world is a book, and those who do not travel read only a page”. However, in the world we live in, for a girl traveling solo in India (or anywhere else!), there’s need for extra precaution. 

India being a travellers dream, is a tourist hotspot. However, many are wary of travelling to the country, owing to the unsafe tag that India has. But worry not, here’s a girl’s guide to traveling solo in India!

Travel in a group

There is safety in numbers. If possible travel in a group at least in twos to places like monuments, historic sites etc. (Read which places to see in Delhi, if you’re here. Click here) Till evenings, market places are crowded and usually bustling, so plan these trips during day time. Don’t walk alone at night, that’s the most important tip to traveling solo in India

traveling solo in India

Protection against theft/mugging

We suggest using a dummy wallet ( You can even buy fake currency! Yup, here), which contains some canceled credit cards and just a little bit of cash. It’s enough to make a would-be thief think he’s getting something worthwhile, while keeping your real valuables well hidden.

Cab rides/Autos

When taking these rides, specially alone, make sure you at least pretend to talk to someone at the end telling them when you are likely to reach. If on Uber/Ola- use your “track my ride” option with your family or friends.

Be polite and do not get into arguments and shouting matches over fare. Quietly pay up the agreed upon fare. 

Do your research-locally

Ask employees at your hotel what you should see during your visit but also which areas to avoid. (I have covered some of the best cities to see in India, see here) Nobody knows this better than the people who live there year-round. 

Dress appropriately

It’s a sad reality, but girl travellers in India can do without the unwanted voyeuristic attention. Dress in the ever safe salwar kameez or a kurta jeans combo. (I usually buy a lot of clothes and jeans from Marks and Spencer)

traveling solo in India

Make copies of your important documents

Make copies of your important documents, such as your passport and any identification. Keep electronic copies as well, should the worst occur and you lose the paper copy along with the physical document. That’s it, that’s your guide to traveling solo in India

All in all, while it may be required a greater amount of effort in being careful and attentive to your surroundings while traveling alone as a woman, don’t let that strip you of the wonder and adventure of traveling alone! Go out into the world, it is yours to explore. Do make use of our guide to traveling solo in India

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