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Venice Honeymoon: 4 Reasons Why Venice Is An Ideal Honeymoon destination

“Venice is eternity itself”, someone rightly said. Even before searching online to plan our honeymoon destination, we knew we would have a Venice honeymoon. And why not? The romantic Venetian Canals, the famed Gondola rides and the thought of strolling on the bridges of Venice hand in hand; just the thought of all this had us giddy!

Even though it is slightly cliched, but cliches are cliches for a reason! Here are things to consider when you plan your Venice honeymoon with your loved one:

1) Boat rides to Venetian islands:

If you have already explored the heart of Venice, then you must take a boat ride to the many stunning islands. Burano, Murano, Lido and many more. We could only explore Murano and Lido; both were worth the visit! If you’re travelling on a budget, don’t worry.

You can buy a single day pass for the boat rides, which cost as low as Rs 2000/ 40-50 Euro per person. This will cover your entire days boat pass and you can travel anywhere with this pass!

Venice Honeymoon


In Murano, though it’s a small island, don’t miss the beautiful glass making workshops. You can first just do a leisurely stroll around the island or have a beer or two by the sea. Next you can go to one of these workshops where they will show you how they make the famous Murano glass, with the colourful stones.

#VagabondTip: These workshops are for free, some will try to take money from you. But you can skip that and stroll ahead for the free ones!


Lido is also just lovely. As soon as you step on the Lido island, you will see a massive change in scenery. Everyone will be in a partying mood, dressed in their bikinis and just going to the beach! You will find people enjoying a glass of wine or two in the cute cafes as well. So, even if you’re going to Venice, pack your swimsuit. A perfect start to a perfect Venice honeymoon.

#VagabondTip: Buy a single day boat metro card which will help you see all the islands on a cheap fare. Also, attend the free glassmaking workshops in Murano. And lastly, don’t forget to pack your swimsuit to enjoy a cool swim in the beaches of Lido!

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2)  Eat Countless Gelato’s while strolling hand-in-hand:

Well, this is so underrated, but one of my favourite memories of Venice. Being a vegetarian, I never had a lot of options in snacks so i stuck to Gelato. And boy, am i glad. These 2 Euro worth ice-creams are SO good and perfect for those mid-afternoon cravings. You can even try some wine and beer later in the evening, which are also super cheap. (Wine is cheaper than water in Italy!) Just another reason to get drunk 😉

#Vagabond Tip: Do see what kind of Gelato you’re having, they have many kinds and many levels of Gelato’s. Some as high as 50 Euros. So, select with care.

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3) Enjoy Romantic Meals by the Canal:

Just walking from one bridge to another and seeing the beautiful hotels Situated by the canal had us dreaming. A great way to people-watch and just relax by the Venetian canals is to have a luxurious meal by the canals. You can try top-notch restaurants like La Palanca, La Galleria . They leave no stone unturned for a perfect dining experience!  A perfect Venice honeymoon indeed.

4) Witness the Beautiful Venice sunsets:

There’s nothing more romantic than enjoying a sunset with your loved one.The Piazza San Marco is famed among the locals for the most stunning view of sunset in Venice. This is a famous and prime square in Venice, where many gather each day to cherish special moments with their loved ones. This can be a perfect end to the perfect honeymoon!

You may have noticed, that i haven’t included Gondola rides! No, i didn’t forget to include that. Rather, I felt it’s more of a waste of money to do those. The cost for one Gondola ride is as high as 100 Euros which is Rs 7600. We found it way more romantic to explore Venice on foot 🙂 Well, that’s my personal opinion.

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Average Budget Needed

So, Venice is still less expensive as compared to other cities like Paris. It’s all about smart spending and budget planning.

Hotel: An average or mid-range hotel stay will cost you Rs 4500 per day( 40 Euros). We stayed a little outside the main city in Holiday Inn. Even though the distance is far, this was the best option in this budget. You may also want to check out a timeshare resale rental online. These can be rented from current timeshare owners at significantly discounted prices. If you already own a timeshare, you can use your RCI timeshare to exchange into one of the timeshare resorts.

Meals: An average meal for two might cost you anything between Rs 2000- Rs 4000 (30-40 Euros), with wine.

Transport: It’s best to take day long passes for the boat rides, with which you can travel anywhere anytime in Venice. They cost around Rs 2000 per day (Around 30 Euros)

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Getting Around in Venice:

Venice is in the midst of all canals, hence only water transport is available here. Water Taxis can be used to get around. They are more personal and the fares are higher for this as well.

Vaperetto is probably the most common way of getting around and the cost is Rs 600 for 75 minutes of travel.

Motoscafi, is a more premium way of getting around. These are more on the luxurious side.

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Hopefully, this helped you in planning your honeymoon in Venice! 🙂

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  • Vipin
    January 4, 2018 at 12:40 pm

    Nice post, well explained and love to visit the place now. Thanks for sharing.

    • VagabondStories
      January 5, 2018 at 10:36 am

      Thanks for reading Vipin 🙂 Yes, Venice is a lovely place indeed 😀