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Easy Outgoing Calls In Europe With TSIM!

After getting the visa done, passport reissued, booking hotels and every other thing- a traveller wonders how to use their phone to make calls in Europe? I have the solution! It’s TSIM.

TSIM brings to you the handy TSIM Europe SIM card which covers all of Europe with a single UK number. Incoming calls, Local calls, Calls to India, SMS & 3G/4G Data is included in one flexible package. Plus its valid in 43 countries and it covers everything a traveller would need: incoming Calls, Local calls, Calls to India, SMS and 3G/4G Data in one package.

As an Indian traveller going to Europe for the first time, I was scared to travel in an unknown country without any internet or connection to my loved ones back home. God forbid I would need any assistance or have a look at Google maps or even translate a menu written in French! (I needed all these things by the way) It’s in these times that a Europe SIM card comes in handy. You can roam around carefree and just take out your phone for any kind of emergency.

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We tried using the old school maps as well, but the cities are so huge and alien, that at one point it did become difficult to get to our destination or even to our hotels! The TSIM Sim card also allows tethering and hotspot if your friend needs internet too! Plus, you can also dial outgoing numbers without any confusing prefixes. And the best part about this TSIM Europe card is that it’s refundable, refillable and comes with a lifetime warranty!

Comment below if you need any help or have any doubts with planning your trip or want more information on which plan to choose from TSIM.

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