World’s largest Underwater Restaurant!

World’s largest underwater restaurant is in Norway. The “Under” – located in Lindesnes, Norway – is also Europe’s first underwater restaurant. In this underwater restaurant, guests can enjoy seafood in the company of fish – five meters below the surface of the water. Eating in an underwater restaurant is clearly awesome.

Review of the “Under”

The guests will descend into the Sea level restaurant where they can stop at the bar to calm their nerves. After all, they are going to the largest underwater restaurant, some nerves are expected! The guests can enjoy the seafood, which is fresh of course while also enjoying the view of the turquoise sea! It’s quite inspiring just to look at the calm sea. The restaurant “under” even came up with a seaweed dessert inspired by the dancing seaweed outside the window.


Specialists such as marine biologists also come here to do their research.

The restaurant sources its ingredients from right outside their restaurant! The ingredients are always fresh and that always reflects in the food. The guests exclaim though, that no one comes to the restaurant just for the food. It’s definitely a sensory and visual experience that everyone is looking for.

The building looks like it has simply slipped off the rocks into the sea. Up to 100 guests can enjoy a 15 to 18 course meal. ‘Under’ also means ‘Wonder’ in Norwegian! And it certainly does live up to its name.

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