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Experience a Transforming Yoga Retreat In Goa by Kyo Spaces!

Imagine being surrounded by the healing and peaceful forests in Goa, while tuning in to focus on healing your mind & body. Let 2018, start with the most transformational Yoga retreat in the forests of Goa. This will be a 5 day retreat where they will combine  Iyengar style of yoga with acupuncture, visualization and breath work to heal mind & body.

What Can you expect?

There are two courses, one is the Yoga & Acupuncture Forest Retreat happening on January 21- 27, 2018. And the second is Yoga & Permaculture retreat which is from 3 to 15 February in Goa.

In the first retreat in January, you will be taught by world leading Yogis from Germany, London and many masters of the Yogic practice. You will be taught yoga twice a day in the forest shala. You will have daily group acupuncture and visualisation sessions.  You’ll receive group sessions of acupuncture to activate your own healing abilities.

Yoga retreat

Each session focuses on a theme.  Such as Chi Energy Boosting, Yin-Yang Balance, Relaxation & Rejuvenation or Immune System Activation. Release energetic blockages, reinforce your immunity and rejuvenate by detoxing and rebalancing your body. You will be accommodated in charming rooms nestled in the lap of nature. Along with being given nourishing plant-based meals to nourish you internally. This Yoga retreat will help you get into a communion with yourself, wholly with mind & body.

Why Is This For You?

A brilliant way to kick-start the new year of 2018, is to dial within. Look within and heal internally before focusing on any outwardly aims and goals. In this fast-paced world, we are all running from one thing to another; without taking the time to breathe.

This holistic yoga retreat will provide your mind body & soul the nurture that they need.

Where Will This Take Place?

The location is an exotic eco-village which is hidden and completely off the normal places in Goa. This will be a true sanctuary where you will experience stillness, self renewal and inner peace. There are tree houses and cabanas where are spread over 12 acres of forested land. Even when you won’t be practicing yoga and healing; the nature will always provide holistic peace. There are two yoga  shalas on site are built accordingly to the rules of sacred geometry. 

Yoga retreat

About Kyo Spaces

The word Kyo, means vibration. All these retreats are all about taking your body and soul to a higher vibration through traditional holistic practices. They offer coliving, cohealing, colearning and coworking experiences and spaces.

Yoga retreat

Meghna, the founder of Kyo Spaces has a Masters in Design Management from the University of the Arts London. She has worked across the fashion, media and creative industries. The last two years have been spent in Goa building two digital economy, consumer facing start ups in the fitness and art industries respectively.

Find out more on their website here

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